New issue with Schlage Z-Wave lock

Within the last 3 or 4 days I have noticed the my Schlage z wave lock is not reporting lock or unlock.

I have a rule that says if the garage contact is closed wait 3 minutes and lock the door. I see in the log where the wait is over and the hub issues the lock command. The lock 90% of the time well lock as it should. But if I look at the dashboard or go into the device it is registering as unlocked.

My wife left for work this morning and this afternoon I looked at my dashboard and it said that my lock was unlocked. I came home from work and found the lock to actually be locked. Now this doesn't happen all the time but within the last 3 or 4 days I have noticed it is not registering correctly with the hub. Has anybody seen this issue or have this issue or know how to fix this issue? I am on the latest version.

Yes I do have fresh batteries and did a Z-Wave repair 2 days ago

I’ve been finding my Schlage isn’t actually locking when it should. But it’s completely random and I can’t reproduce it.

I added a few Z-Wave repeaters recently and did a Z-Wave repair since my Schlage lock wasn't working reporting after adding the repeaters but that didn't help either so I pulled the plug on the battery holder in the lock for 20 seconds then plugged it back in and its been working fine since, worth a try.

With Zwave locks issues "normal" repeaters don't seem to help much, however this post I can personally verify does work.

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So this morning at 5 a.m. I found out my garage lock on my dashboard says that it was unlocked which kind of made me a little nervous. Walked out to the garage and did find that the garage was locked but not showing is locked in the device or on the dashboard

I decided to try something. I changed the driver from the Schlage Z-Wave driver to the generic Z-Wave lock driver. I probably shouldn't say anything at this point but here it is already 1pm my time so basically about 8 hours later and the lock is reporting exactly what it should when it should. now of course since I have just announced this I'm sure by the time I get home from work it won't be working again but if it is maybe there's an issue with the Schlage driver


I hate to say it, but I'm having issues with my locks again. I even added a 5th Aeotec repeater and it didn't help.


  • Lock occasionally not responding to commands from Hubitat (Dashboard and device page - lock/unlock/configure/get codes/set codes)
  • Lock occasionally not updating Hubitat based on condition (Locked/Unlocked/Keypad)
  • Serious battery drain (I've been replacing 4 AA batteries with fresh Energizer alkalines every 2 weeks since the 2.1.4 was released. The batteries get to a point where the lock can't operate without a key within 2 weeks of being fresh. I have gone through 16 batteries since 2.1.4 came out on a single lock)
  • Reliable Locks no longer helps to keep my locks online. I see them reporting to the hub every 30 minutes as scheduled for 2-3 hours, and then they just stop. I have disabled Reliable Locks to see if it solves my batter drain as of yesterday.
  • The only way to get my locks back is to unplug the battery wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. Sometimes a Z-Wave refresh of Hubitat mesh is required to get the locks back online.
  • After every Firmware upgrade since 2.1.4 I can expect my locks to not communicate with Hubitat for at least 48 hours until they work at least partially again. Regardless of restarts, shutdown/30 second/restarts, and Z-Wave Rebuilds.
  • Every few days (3-4) I have tried a shutdown, unplug, 30 seconds, plug back in cycle of the Hubitat, but this has had no impact on getting the locks to behave properly.
  • As mentioned I have 5 Aeotec repeaters - 1 that is 3 feet from the Hubitat, 1 next to two locks, and 2 next to the lock that is furthest from the hub (added the 5th after my battery drain issue started as I assumed my mesh was the issue).
  • No other z-wave issues are impacting me currently - all other devices, battery operated and otherwise, are working well.

Anecdote: Back on 2.1.3 (could be totally unrelated, just stating my personal experience) the locks were pretty rock solid for several weeks, no issues.

I'm finally to the point that I'll likely get a new C5 hub and stick it next to each lock the next time they go on sale, as I'm sure that @mike.maxwell is tired of dealing with these troublesome locks with software, understandably. :frowning: I can't have these locks going on the fritz in the middle of winter, or the WAF will go lower than the windchill in MN in February.

Tagging @bobbyD just for awareness.

I'm sad to report this is no longer the case for me. :frowning:

Odd, something is definitely odd going on there, as I have 3 locks that I've not changed the batteries in since around April, and I have the Reliable Locks app polling every 5-10 minutes. I have one lock only that every once in a while is significantly delayed in firing a rule but after rebooting my hub usually clears that up.

I have noticed twice since I began using the Aeotecs that they appeared to stop working, which did cause locks to drop off, as in the green light no longer routinely blinks showing that it's communicating. After removing and repairing these went back to normal. Since then based on @aaiyar recommendation I've been using this driver for my repeaters as it sends a trace log every 30 minutes verifying the repeaters are "online" you might give this driver a shot also.
[RELEASE] Iris SmartPlug Z-Wave Repeater (3210-L + others)

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I ran a test today. Changed from the Schlage Drive to Generic Driver. So far holding it's own. I did take a video at lunch of what it's doing.

I can manually unlock and lock with thumb screw. Reports to Hub like right now.....Every time.

I load my dashboard and lick the Lock icon, (are you sure) YES. Won't unlock or lock. Manually with thumb. Instant response from dashboard.

Not sure if I can upload a video on here. Does anyone know?

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You can upload the video to your youtube account and put the shared URL for it into a post here.

@Terk Oh good idea. I will do this when I get home...

Let's try this.

You're using the Iris Smartplug zwave repeater driver with the aeotec range extender?

Yes, works great


So should I hold off to updating the hub with the recent update until these issues are figured out? I have 2 Schlage z-wave BE469 locks that have been very reliable with hubitat so I don't want to jeopardize that.

They don't issue revised updates, if any "hotfixes" are issued it comes in the form of another update to perform. I have 3 Schlage zwave be469 locks on the latest update and are still reliable.

If you do a forum search of these locks they've had repeated reported problems long before any 'recent" update for a very long time. in most cases it's mesh communication related

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Ok I changed all my Z-Wave switches with new Z-Wave Plus switches. Added 2 more Z-Wave extenders. Made NO difference in the reliablity of the lock. It will work and ya think all is good, then it doesn't. I'm ready to let Pete (my garbage guy) have this lock.

I've tried with and without the Reliable Locks app. No difference.

Any other help on this would be great.

I’m sure you’ve already done this, but just in case you haven’t, it’s worth at least checking with

That said, I have a 2nd hub being delivered that I will put close to my most problematic locks to see if that helps me. It’s only the cost of 2 repeaters right now. I really like all the other aspects of Hubitat. The support of these Schlage locks is the only thorn in my side so far.

Yes I've contacted support, added more Z-Wave extenders, changed all my Z-Wave switches to new Z-Wave plus switches. Nothing seems to work with this lock. I'm getting ready to switch to a different lock. The funny thing is when I was on ST I didn't have these problems.

I have a zigbee bulb at the end of my driveway the farthest point from my hub. It works flawlessly every single time.

Out of curiosity what firmware are your locks?