New in Automation - switches and setup questions


I have recently decided to dabble in home automation starting with the lighting and I am about to embark on my first steps.

I had some questions and I hope the community can help me.

In the bedroom (UK apartment), I have a single on/off switch for the ceiling lights (2 x 7.5W LED bulbs).

I want to be able to have this controlled via Hubitat (and be able to dim it, on/off it and control by G. Assistant). I understand that I can achieve this using a fibaro Dimmer? Do I need to change the chrome switch to a different type - eg momentary?

The other thing I have in mind is to have an electrician install 2 in wall lights on the left/right of my bed and have one each side a wall switch that will allow me to control the in wall lighting above, the ceiling lights (but they will not be on the same circuit) and then in the future, I want to have on the switches the option to control zemismart roller shades (again, on the same circuit but controlled via Hubitat based on the button presses).

Is the above viable/possible without having to create circuits and having to dig through walls?
Can also Zemismart shades be controlled via a light switch?

What switches would you recommend (in UK)?
I had a look on zigbee and zwave smart swicthes (like the lightwaverf ones, but either they don't work well with Hubitat and/or are white/plasticky (I want to ideally have chrome or brass faceplates).

Lastly, I have a corridor with 3 on/off switches. I want to be able to smarten it up. Do I need to add a Fibaro style switch behind each dumb switch, or only doing it in on of the 3 will suffice to smarten up the whole circuit?

I have been reading but I am getting confused... I would appreciate your input in helping start my automation journey!

Hi - don't have a recommendation for you, but I'm tagging @BorrisTheCat so he sees your post. He's in the UK, is a lighting/automation expert, and in addition, is a master electrician. I think he is the perfect person to advise you in this situation.


With fibaro dimmer 2 technically no, however if you want to be able to dim it from the switch a center off (3 position) momentary switch would be needed and advised.

Side note though your need to make sure the minimum load is hit for the dimmer, you may need a bypass to help. All that depends on what you have behind that switch (one cable or 2 or more). You also need to ensure the lamps you have are actually dimmable.

All possible, however it depends on what your have behind the switch i.e you need to ensure there is a feed there when you get your sparky to do it.
Also my advice would be to wire between the switches so your not reliant on the hub where you can. This is the setup I have with click scholmore mini grid switches. This way I have a blind up/down switch (wired between each switch then back to a blind controller), push to make switch to control the RGBW ZigBee bedside light and ON/OFF up down switch controling the dimmer (again wired between all the switches).

Sunricher do a mains powered zigbee input device which sits behind the switch which gives me 4 button inputs. Your need deep boxes to fit all that in though.

Search "click deco" that's the profile I have. They also have load of others.

Just remember if you want metal like me your need to use plastic back box, so I use 47mm deep plastic fast fix plaster board boxes.

I'm assuming you mean 3 2 way and intermediate switches as in each switch does the same light? If so you just need put the device behind the switch which feeds the light, again need to see how it's wired behind as again having a feed / neutral there is advantageous. Then the wiring to the other switches stays the same you have change the switches to be momentary normally (again depending on device you use).

I'll take a look to see how this is done either way the above is true but I have mains powered blinds with a controller some have battery with just wireless signals to control.


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