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  1. I was only saying that an option for a more powerful box would be acceptable to me.
  2. I get what you and others are saying. Once upon a time, some 43 years ago I worked at Bell Labs on microcomputers (HP1000) that had a hard limit of 8K Words or 16 KB. That was it. We did amazing things to tune these systems. It was a realtime data acquisition system that surveilled and controlled the long distance broadband facilities that was the backbone of the long distance telephone network as it existed back in those days. We wrote code that was amazingly efficient - because it had to be. Often writing assembly code that even overwrote its own routines that were no longer needed to load the next block of code that was needed. So, I get the need to write tight, compact code and the difficult and critical work of tuning systems. Alas, folks. We can't do that with these systems. For one, this is Java. Don't get me wrong, I was at the "Java Day" event in NYC when Bill Joy and James Gosling formally rolled out the language. I was a convert. But it turned out, Java code is bulky, inefficient and the garbage collection approach is clever, but doesn't work well. I was a Sun Certified Java Programmer and I loved developing Servlets, Applets and the whole platform that it became. But you know what we had back in those early days - tools. System level tools. And debuggers that helped us examine what was going on. What we have in HE - and I love it - is a black box (JVM) in a black box. So by throwing multiple hubs at a problem you are still doing what you rail against: throwing more hardware at crappy code. All I'm saying is that at this point in my life, I want my home automation to be blazingly fast, reliable as dial tone and (if I may be so bold) to run a month or two between reboots. Back in the day we were proud of having Unix (System V) SunOS, Solaris, and various Linux variants had uptimes measured in years, not days. So, I get it, I really do. But, until we can get our hands on the inside of the black box, and I don't really want to do that anymore, I'll take a stupidly oversized computer with tons of memory, and tons of storage to mask the crappy code. Just one old grumpy geek’s take. It might not be yours, and hey that's what makes life interesting.



One of my all-time favorites!


Right up until I realized he was a racist piece of garbage..

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I think he's referring to the cartoon, not the cartoonist.


At that point same thing... Though i don't wanna devolve the thread so I'll step off my soapbox...


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