New Hubitat Owner - Zwave SmartStart Issue

Just picked up Hubitat ... long time SmartThings user make the switch...

Before I move my existing sensors to Hubitat I am trying to add brand new ZooZ open/close XS sensors (ZSE41) via SmartStart. The ZooZ box of the device had Qcodes for both SmartThings and Hubitat... but Hubitat told that the Qcode was invalid. However, inside the device itself it had a Qcode and that worked and was added. However, the device is still in SmartStart in a status of "not included, Pending" and has been that way for 45 minutes now. Not sure what's best to rectify the issue... wait or delete and try adding it manually or what... any suggestions? Thanks...

If the device has been successfully included I think it's safe to delete the smartstart pending entry from the mobile app.


When I typed my question, the device wasn't listed in devices... but just now after 50 minutes it is now listed in devices... but also still in SmartStart as pending and not included. I guess I'll wait just a bit longer and if its still in SmartStart, I'll take your advice. THANK YOU for the quick response!!!

Odd that it showed up after 50 min. I suspect something may not be quite right. Does the device work? Also not a bad time to check and see if it included properly. You might want to post a screen shot of your zwave details page. appears to be working. Showing properly if the contact is open and closed. But it also still shows in SmartStart as "not included, pending"

I'm too new for the forum to allow me to post pictures. I am a spanking new member!

And I forgot to say welcome. My bad.

If you look at the routes column of the zwave details page it should have something in it. If it does you're probably good to go.

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I am also a SmartThings refugee. Here are two articles I wish I had read day one instead of six months later.


OK... dumb newie question... where do I find the Zwave detail page? Obviously not the "device" link.

Thanks Brad for the links... will certainly check them out next!

A super useful page to get familiar with :slight_smile:


Got it... the column I think you're referring to has this information...
01 -> 0A 40kbps

Awesome. You should be good to go! Sometimes when a device fails to include properly it creates a "ghost" entry in the radio's zwave database. Unfortunately it's a function of the zwave technology and stack, not HE specifically. But it causes all sorts of problems. I usually check my zwave detals page after every inclusion just to make sure. If you do find an entry without route info it's likely a ghost and catching it early makes it a lot easier to fix.

Since you're at the start of your journey I prefer to include most devices without security to minimize zwave overhead. Stuff like exterior door/window contact sensors, keypads, locks, garage door openers, etc., obviously a different issue.

Great... thanks again for the info and tips! Looks like I got a lot of videos to watch to get up to speed.... but from what I've seen so far, I looks like a big improvement from SmartThings... 1 sensor down... about 85 more to go.... then comes to fun stuff... RuleMachine.

RM is very powerful, though the UI takes a bit of getting used to. There are also tons of built-in apps and community apps that provide some great functionality so you can generally minimize your use of RM for all but the complex stuff. Or you can just jump right in and go for it!

Check out @dman2306's Hubitat Package Manager. It's the gateway to most community apps and drivers and makes their installation and use MUCH easier.


If you don't mind one quick question though... in SmartThings I wrote most of my automations in Webcore... I know that Hubitat has webcore but I found conflicting information about using it in Hubitat... does the execution of Webcore in Hubitat still relies on the Cloud?

Don't mind at all. I eased my transition from ST to HE by using webcore. All pistons run local. The only thing that is in the cloud is the IDE, unless you choose to run in on rPI or something similar.


webCoRE pistons run local, editor (Dashboard) defaults to the cloud but can be set up on a local server (rPi size).


OH... that makes me very happy! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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Take a look at HubConnect too. It actually allows you to share devices from ST to HE. It may ease your transition, though eventually I just went for the "rip the bandaid" approach. Also with ST moving away from Groovy I don't know how long stuff like HC will work...

Yea... I want to "rip that bandaid" off too... and has quickly as possible! But I think its going to take some time to get up to speed on RuleMachine... some of my automations are big. But I'll get there. Thanks again!