New Hubitat - old HUSBZB-1 USB with paired devices (used with Home Assistant)

My godson's father uses on an RPi with an HUSBZB-1 dongle. Unfortunately, he had no backups; the sd-card got corrupted a week ago, and his automations are kaput.

I bought him a Hubitat C5, and am about to drop it off at his house. I've also got an adapter to use a USB dongle with a C5 HE.

Because his existing HUSBZB-1 has paired z-wave & zigbee devices, is it possible that they will show up as being paired when he plugs it into the C5 hub?

That would be awesome if it did because it would save a lot of time.

No for zigbee, yes for z wave, but my test where done with c4 hubs, so maybe no for both or no way to transfer z wave devices from stick to c5 internal radio.

Anyway I suggest to start from scratch.

Good luck.

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I would suggesting to check in the Hubitat settings and see if anything shows up in the zwave/zigbee details before you start from scratch.

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In April - June of 2018, this would work. I joined my brand new, first Hubitat hub to my existing set of 4 other Hubs on a single ZWave network and all my devices showed in Hubitat. They even added a button to help initialize individual devices. All evidence of those features have been removed from the UI. I can't say anything about what features remain in the code. I can say, Hubitat DID have working code for it. I suspect it caused more Support calls than it cured with people pecking at a button they didn't really understand.

Here in the 2nd half of 2019, you're going to have to try it and let us know. :slight_smile:

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It wasn't a HUSBZB-1, but I did try moving a Z-Stick between a C4 and a C3 (they are exactly the same except us early adopters didn't get the fancy logo printed on top but did get a hand-marked hub number on bottom) and didn't get any devices until I restored the device database (or entire database, I should say, which caused its own share of problems). I wouldn't count on any luck from Home Assistant, but let us know how it goes! Seems like it would be nice for it to "discover" devices that are already on the stick, but I wouldn't be surprised if it caused more problems than it was worth.

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I have a C-3 and two C-4s and one C-5.

The C-5 is my development Hub. The C-3's and 4's are joined via HubConnect and you've seen that drawing.. also connects with a SmartThings, and Homebridge.

I am NOT looking forward to re-joining and re-pairing all the devices on any one hub... I have my fingers crossed that Hubitat will have a solution by then. I have OZWCP and Zensys Tools but who wants to work at that level when half the house isn't working. Pushing a potato with your nose. :slight_smile: