New Hubitat Hub Whisperer video series [You Tube]

In case you missed it, "The Hub Whisperer" is our latest video series on YouTube channel that showcases our hub's capabilities and compatible devices. You can check out the first two videos here:

Automating exterior lights with a GE/Jasco switch

Turning a Sengled bulb into a wake-up lamp

Look for new videos each week. If you have ideas for devices or automations you would like to see, let us know in the replies. Enjoy!


Not speaking for myself, since I don't use motion detection in my HA recipes, but that's definitely an area of broad appeal. Indeed, past Forum activity suggests to me that motion detection may be "the" most common area which causes users to scratch their heads.

Hey Pete,
Got a request for a new episode for the Hubitat Hub Whisper series.

Right now we are using an Ecobee thermostat with about 5 of the Ecobee smart sensors to control the HVAC in our house. All seem to work ok, but find delays from time to time when changing things in the app because of cloud connection. We would really like to run everything locally.

We have been thinking about replacing our Ecobee thermostat (cloud base) with a Z-wave controlled thermostat (locally controlled) and using the built in app in Hubitat hub called 'Thermostat Controller' to run the HVAC like Ecobee did.
About every room in our house already has some type of motion sensor that has a built in temperature sensor inside of it already.

Would really like to see the Hubitat Hub Whisper series, show how to properly setup the Thermostat Controller app that is built into Hubitat with a Z-wave controlled thermostat and multiple room temperature sensors. What's the best way to set up everything to maintain the average temperature throughout the whole house like Ecobee does, and also how to use the Thermostat Scheduler.

Thanks again Pete for all your hard work, and the how to videos.



As the kind of user these videos are aimed at, first off, "Thank you!"

One comment though; I'd suggest trying to limit the amount of fast forwarding in the Rule creation segments of the videos. Most users at this level are going to have your video open side by side with the Rule app trying to follow what you're doing step by step. It's easier to fast forward through pieces you already understand than it is to pause/start the bits that are going by too quickly. And if you do feel the need to skip through large parts of one of these videos, you're likely not the target audience anyway.


Good point(s). One HA YouTuber routinely advises his viewers to "Set the video speed to 1.5x so you can follow along, but this shortens the pauses without making my dialogue hard to understand." For added convenience, you can press SHIFT + '>' to speed up or SHIFT + '<' to slow down any YT video during playback.

Probably a little "above" the level the Hubitat Whisperer is aiming his new videos at, but I'd love an explainer on Global Variables. It's certainly one of those concepts that are harder for us non-programmer types to get our heads around.

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