New Hubitat Elevation received in the UK

The hub came packaged with an additional USB Dongle and power splitter. What's the dongle for?

I seem to not be able to find any documentation for it!

Thanks in advance and sorry if this is a daft question and I have missed something obvious!

UK ZWave frequency is different to the US and so the dongle is a UK substitute for the inbuilt US ZWave capability,

I think there is a tiny addendum slip explaining this usually that eluded inclusion. Just plug it in to the hub, reboot and it will work.


You need to plug the usb stick in BEFORE you boot the hub
As the hub boots up, it detects the usb stick then disables the internal USA frequency z-wave radio and uses the correct UK frequency radio in the usb stick



I could be cheeky and say “yeah you missed the SEARCH function” :joy:


Sigh :crazy_face: Sorry!

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Thanks. No addendum I saw, but clear now!

All working for you now ???

Yes, more or less. I am having a few adventures pairing some devices, but just teething trouble I suspect. Very happy with it!!

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