New Hubitat Elevation hub not booting

I ordered a Hubitat Elevation C7 back in December. When I received it I plugged it in and the blue light lit up. I realized that the network jack that it was plugged into wasn't active, so I moved it and booted it up again - nothing. No lights. I have not been able to get it to boot again. I've tried a new power cable, new power adapter, new network cable and nothing gets it to boot.

How do I return this and exchange it for one that works?

Welcome aboard, sorry you are having issues. Since this is the best community on the net, I'm sure you will get help real soon

In the meantime, let's tag in @bobbyD

Good luck


If you didn't do so already, please send us an email to, along with your hub's MAC address (there is a sticker on the hub) and the purchase order details (including your shipping address - if you purchased the hub from one of our partners).

Ok, I updated the email I sent to with the MAC address and my address. The order # was already referenced it as I bought it directly from Hubitat.


I still haven't received any response to my email to Hubitat support. I've sent two, one on 12/29, and on on 1/4 which I then appended the MAC address, my physical address and order #. Is there anything else that I need to do?

If you didn't get a response, typically that means that support didn't receive your email for some reason. Maybe it went to spam or whatever.



I am glad you followed-up here. We did not receive your emails but recovered your last one with the MAC address from the spam folder. Please check your email shortly. You should get a ticket number and some additional details to see if we can bring your hub online. Let us know if you don't receive our email.


Excellent, thanks @bobbyD! I've received the support response now.

I'm looking forward to switch over my cold frame automations as we're rapidly approaching the gardening planting season. My automations raise and lower the cold frame lid, turn on heaters and fans as appropriate - but SmartThings has had issues on several occasions. I can't wait to set this all up under Hubitat and run it locally!