New hub old z stick

Iโ€™m in the process of upgrading from the C4 hub to the C7. I downloaded my backup and setup the new C7 with that backup. I connected my old z stick with a tether cable but zwave devices are not working. Am I missing a step in the process?

Confused as to why you're using your old USB stick. The whole point of the C7 is a new radio.


Just want to use it temporarily until I have time to migrate all devices over.

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I donโ€™t think that works. Your better bet is probably running both hubs and using Hubconnect to ease the migration pain.

I think when you connect a usb stick it disables the other radio.

This worked well for me. Migrated them over the course of a week.

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The C-7 does not support external Z-Wave or (I think) Zigbee sticks at all. You aren't missing anything--it's just that nothing will happen. :slight_smile: But even if you could do this like you can on a C-5, it would still make migration difficult: anything external takes precedence over anything internal, as hinted at above (no use of both, though again that's a moot point on the C-7).

I'd second the suggestion to just move things over as you're able and tie things together somehow if needed in the meantime (HubConnect, Hub Link/Link to Hub, etc.). If your setup allows, it might be even easier to just do a room or two or floor, etc. at a time, though there may be some difficulty no matter how you do it in that you're destroying one mesh (or two) as you create the other.

You might not be able to do things 100% in the recommended way given that fact that you presumably still care about your existing hub, but these docs are good to read if you're not already familiar:

Good luck!

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Is it technically possible to move the stick from a C4 to a C7 and still have all devices work? I really don't care about the new radio in the C7 and don't want to go through the process of re-pairing everything.

I'm starting to get fed up with the C4 performance issues with each release and just want an easy way to resolve it.

I don't think so... I believe you would have to find a C5 somewhere used.

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