New Hub already registered

Hi there, I’m in Australia and ordered a hub through Amazon. It’s already been registered as per some other hubs that have been sold through Amazon.
Problem is, the sellers in Australia are now out of stock according to Amazon.
Is there a way to factory reset the unit instead of trying to get a new one?
Thanks for your help

I'm not sure that a factory reset will remove the hub's registration, but there may be a way for Hubitat Support to help you. So I am tagging them below:

Tagging @support_team

You will have to get in touch with support, they will take care of you one way or another. The best way now is actually to fill out a warranty claim vs tagging on the forums. Go here and use the warranty link at the bottom.

Thanks both. I threw a Hail Mary last night and emailed the address that was registered. They saw my email and unregistered!
Looks like everything is working fine now. Which is great. Now I just have to work out how to get my behind the wall switches to disconnect from Vera and connect to Hubitat.:grinning:

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You may want to do a Zigbee and Zwave radio reset just in case the previous person messed with it at all and did not reset. They obviously had it plugged in and running. You could also do a soft reset but it sounds like they probably did that themselves.

If the devices are Zwave you do not even need the Vera hub. Look up the manual for the devices and how to put them into exclusion mode. First do an "Exclude" and exclude them using Hubitat (it will say unknown device excluded). The exclude will factory reset it and remove its pairing to Vera (on the device itself). Then you can turn around and include it to Hubitat.

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Was this hub sold as new or used???

That hub should have been listed as used or not sold at all.


Probably but I think he is just happy to have one since they are sold out where he is now.


Thanks jtp. :+1:
The hub was sold as new. It had been opened though and clearly used. Seems to be working ok. I’ll reset the zwave and zigbee radios and see how that goes.
I guess in Australia, beggars can’t be choosers.
Really appreciate the help and support.

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If you can within 30 days put in for a replacement from amazon. Sometimes they put returns back into stock when they shouldn't.