New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI

@aaron What do the logs show?

This should be something like this, without the 2 initial columns:

0|homebrid | [9/24/2019, 7:30:56 PM] [Hubitat hhm:0.2.17] HE websocket received ping from hubitat  Ping
0|homebrid | [9/24/2019, 7:31:07 PM] [Hubitat hhm:0.2.17] Change Event (Socket): (TV:46) [SWITCH] is off
0|homebrid | [9/24/2019, 7:31:12 PM] [Hubitat hhm:0.2.17] HE websocket sending keepalive ping
0|homebrid | [9/24/2019, 7:31:12 PM] [Hubitat hhm:0.2.17] HE got pong 
0|homebrid | [9/24/2019, 7:31:47 PM] [Hubitat hhm:0.2.17] Change Event (Socket): (Airbnb Scene:455) [SWITCH] is off
0|homebrid | [9/24/2019, 7:31:48 PM] [Hubitat hhm:0.2.17] Change Event (Socket): (Garage Light:205) [SWITCH] is off

The important lines are the Change Event do you see those in the logs?

@dan.t Do you see the first log line? I have some additional code I didn't commit, it listens for Ping's from the hub. (vs from us) and sends pongs. Looks like we're getting pings from the hubitat. By default the WebSocket library doesn't reply to it...I wonder if this is actually interesting or a red herring.

Commit if you're interested:

I see those happening in the event logs currently. When it gets out of sync I should be able to get this info for dan.t.

Hi @dan.t, sorry to report had another sync issue last night. I can confirm that the Home App showed shades open at 50% and Hubitat showed the devices as closed and 0%. I didnt grab the logs as I was running out the door.

I really need the logs as I can't reproduce the issue at all.....

Just curious, were they actually closed or were they actually halfway open?

@SmartHomePrimer, they were physically closed.

@dan.t, yes will do next time.

@walksonair, @aaron, random question. Is it always the same type of device that does out of sync? If so, what is it?

Usually z-wave but that's the majority of my devices. Is it the exact same device? Nope...locks, lights, shades.

Ok, that takes away one thought of mine...

Good question!

No my issues are locks, grouped lights and virtual switches.

Is it possible to change the Mode keys to one picker with the list of Modes?


I don't see anything in homebridge that would allow me to do so, sorry

I've recently invited my daughter to access our Home in the iOS Home app. She can see all the devices, but they all say Not Responding. Weirdly, before she upgraded to iOS 13.1 I think it worked, but I removed her again and re-invited her again trying to resolve another issue (I actually just wanted a way for her to get a profile on tvOS 13...)

Not too fussed, but is this a common problem?

Something like this?

I don’t have any control over the UI, that is all Apple. I can only use the layouts that Apple provided. And there is nothing in there to group switches the same way as an Alarm System

Take a look here:

Did you update your Apple TV or iPad to iOS 13?

@dan.t any update on hiding the new thermostat attribute? Thanks!

Still seems to be issues requiring a restart.

My virtual motion detection wouldn’t work until a reboot...

@aaron just PMed me with a similar statement and we had logging running. So hopefully I can see something in there

@dan.t, just sent you a PM w logs etc for another sync issue. Dont know if my log levels are setup correctly...just fyi.

I forgot to mention that my iOS just updated as well to the latest 13.1.1, but issue seems to be same as before.