New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI

Thank you! That worked! The Lightify tunable white bulbs don't have much whiteness range unfortunately. I think 2700K to 4000K. When making the CT selections from home app that goes outside the range, it just pops back to the previous selection.

Yes, there is no way for me to control the range that is selectable within Homekit

The Smartthings > Hubitat journey has been really interesting.

The homekit integration seems a lot quicker (instant) with your plugin and hubitat though.

When I was using smartthings, even though I had homebridge running, I'd rarely use the home app and would just use the smartthings classic app for controlling devices. Hubitat's dashboard (ios app, safari desktop and mobile) seems really sketchy to me. It will often not show the current state of devices. The home app on the other hand seems to always show the correct state. Buttons react instantly. Changes made through other methods, reflect immediately. It seems like a better front end than the dashboard. Is this all painfully obvious to everyone else?

The dashboard is just weird. For instance if I add a color bulb tile, to turn on the bulb, I have to tap it, a window pops up, scroll down, then hit the on/off switch.

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I agree completely! Without the homekit/home app as my control interface I wouldn't be using Hubitat. Thanks to Tonesto and Dan T for all their work. This is a critical integration for my setup.

I know that Hubitat is supposedly all about automation and not control but I am a long way off from not having to have some interaction with my system. There are just too many cases that cant be fully automated and require a good reliable dashboard.


I agree. The MakerAPI version has really made this a viable second automation platform. I tried that in the past, but I couldn't get things to stay in sync. I was blaming HomeKit, and while it may have been partially responsible at the time, I kind of knew part of the issue was on my end with Homebridge.

Now however, it's so fast and reliable, it's allowed me to integrate devices that are HomeKit ready, but not directly compatible with HE. I'm actually also using it to automate between an Xiaomi Aqara Hub (HomeKit Edition) and HE. I'm floored that it hasn't missed a beat.

I keep getting disconnected from Hubitat server and it keeps trying to reconnect??? Is there something that I need to do?

Does a continuous ping work from the machine that is running homebridge to your hubitat?

I just try a different tablet and get the same issue? How would I test the continuous Ping?

Ignore the tablets and phones for now.
You did setup homebridge on a computer. On that computer, open a command prompt and ping the IP address of your hubitat. Do you see any kind of drops there?

@dan.t I did not sorry.

Ok, then I think you are in the wrong topic. Are you having issues with the Hubitat Mobile App? Because this topic here is about the iOS Home App and how to get that one running.

If you have a problem with Hubitat Mobile App, I would suggest to create a new issue in this section here and describe your issues as detailed as possible:

Great app! I'm looking into the HSM integration, and I dont really use the NIGHT mode. My HSM right now does not have a NIGHT mode set (ie I cannot set it to arm NIGHT). Trying to figure out how to remove that mode from showing up in the iOS Home App. Any ideas?

Did you try exclude in your config.json file?

Just to make sure, you mean the buttons listed in iOS when you click on the alarm system icon in the home app, correct? If so, then there is no way for me to adjust those, these are baked into iOS

Yep that's exactly what I mean. Home and Night are the same thing to me. I dont have Night used in HSM

Just curious what other homebridge plugins others may be using with their homebridge setup?

Does anyone know what speed up techniques one can do to help keep things snappy? I have noticed I have to reboot my comp to get back speeds sometimes..sometimes even rebooting my apple tv hub.

Not sure but thought I'd ask if anyone has any tips like cache clearing, etc...


I submitted a pull request to add a switch for thermostats' fan-mode. This is something I have missed in HomeKit since I switched to Hubitat from my previous setup. Let me know if I did it wrong; I'm still learning Git.


@swiss6th, got the pull request and the changes look good. I am in Italy without a computer but will merge the changes when I am back next week.


I've also added support for programmable buttons, but I reverted it as that should be a separate pull request. I'll submit that one later.

Have a wonderful time in Italy!