New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI

Device States


Raw Device Info

{"name":"LastDeviceTemperature","currentValue":"Front Window - Right","dataType":"STRING"}, 
{"name":"LastEventDate","currentValue":"Aug 03 2019","dataType":"STRING"}, 
[{"name":"motion","dataType":null}]},"Sensor"],"commands": ["lastDeviceHumidity","lastDeviceLux","lastDeviceMotion","lastDevicePressure","lastDeviceTemperature","setHumidity","setLux","setMotion","setPressure","setTemperature"]}

Thanks. What iOS version are you? Looking at you screenshot up there I realized that I have never seen the screen with the little gear icon in the bottom right.

13 Dev Beta 5.

My iOS 12.4 device shows it correct, like your example above. son of a b. maybe beta related...

I would say yes based on 12.4 working...

I wonder if a code change will be required to support iOS 13. Here's how combined sensors should look

but mine doesn't show the circle for temperature, it shows the thermometer icon instead.

I will have to see and wait if there is an underlying Homebridge change coming. It is always playing catch-up with Apple....

makes sense. Anything is subject to change anyways until iOS 13 GM drops.

on that same note... my thermostat bug is also beta related.

I just set it correctly on my iOS 12.4 device... I feel like an idiot. Completely forgot I was on beta.

There is actually a bug in the plugin when switching to auto. So you were right when it came to that. Just couldn’t reproduce all of the behavior you were seeing

Yeah, the actual change of temp in Auto works fine on my ipad. I'll circle back to this thread when 13 beta goes GM and see if either issue are resolved. Thanks!

I got a Raspberry Pi and set it up with Homebridge and Hubitat, I can see all devices and apps in both Home app and HE. It seemed that Home app only works locally, is there anyway that Home app can be accessed remotely? Did I miss anything?

For remote access you"ll need a HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad.

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As @Vettester said, you need one of those three. I’ve been using it remotely this summer. Has worked better than the Hue app to monitor that my vacation automations have been working as expected.

Hi, I have a number of color temperature bulbs. I noticed in the Apple Home app, there is no color temperature settings for these bulbs. Is this normal or have I configured something incorrectly?

Thank you!

Mine do.

I have 3 Aeon's and a Hank which are Bulbs, plus 4 RGBW LED Strips using the Fibaro RGBW driver.

All of them show in Home App with a slider for brightness and a button labeled Color in the lower left.

If you mean Warm White <--> Cool White, then that is more button pushes. From the Color menu, there's an Edit in the center and then Color and Temperature show there on the bottom. Temperature is where I can set the CT 'shade'.

It's pretty jumpy for me, but it does work.

Yes, I mean warm white to cool white. These are Lightify Tunable White smart bulbs and not the RGBW bulbs. I do have a number of RGBW bulbs and have the settings you describe but with the plain warm white to cool white bulbs there is no option other than brightness and on/off.

Can you make a screenshot of the device page that would show me the current states and the commands the device supports? This way I can tell what would be supported in HomeKit

Here is a screenshot. Thank you!

Thanks, yes, this bulb is currently exposed as a on/off light only.
I have to check if Homekit supports color temperature without having hue and saturation.
I'll mock a virtual driver and take a look at it tomorrow.

Hey, I have uploaded a new plugin that will support bulbs with colorTemperature

Update your plugin and give it a try