New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI and Eventsocket



I just uploaded a new version of the plugin (version 0.1.5) that fixes the Siri issues that were reported by @aaron

I suggest that everyone updates to this version.



Updated but same issues. I may have to start over on the HomeKit registration.


Don't! Let me double check something


Switched over and noticed that Fans show up as light switches. I also had exclude capabilities in my config but don't seem to work with this plug in.


I think you can change it to fan in the Home app settings for the switch under "Type". Can't remember if I had to change mine or not.

As far as exclude capabilities I believe that will be in Dan's next release. So just leave your settings in there and they should work once he releases it and you update.


Is it a Fan, as in “set speed” or is it a switch as in “on/off”?

As @tsviper said, you can change the icon type in the Home App and the exclude function is coming


There are 2 Leviton and 1 Honeywell fan controllers. They seem to be working as dimmer. Cant change the type. can only change them to different light icons.


Can you post the “Current States” that are listed for the device in Hubitat so I can take a look at it?


Is this what your looking for?
"name": "Leviton Fan Controller",
"label": "Bedroom fan",
"type": "Leviton Fan Controller",
"id": "1",
"date": "2019-04-23T20:27:20+0000",
"model": null,
"manufacturer": null,
"capabilities": [

Current States

  • level : 30
  • switch : on

"name": "GE Smart Fan Control",
"label": "Front Bedroom Fan",
"type": "GE Smart Fan Control",
"id": "99",
"date": "2019-04-23T02:57:12+0000",
"model": null,
"manufacturer": null,
"capabilities": [

Current States

  • level : 30
  • switch : on


Thanks, interesting, it neither says in the capabilities nor based on the states that it is a fan... it really represents itself as a dimmer... needs to think about that one for a bit, I really don’t like to parse it based on the “name”


This is really going to blow your mind then. Have a fan in the garage on a regular switch. I can select that to represent a fan.


Yes, iOS supports to make a normal switch look as a fan but they don’t support it for a dimmer....


Anyone else not able to change thermostat set points? I can change the mode but nothing happens when I try to adjust the set point.


Hey @tsviper, there is a new version in NPM that fixes that. That bug was in there since the first release of the plugin

@black01gt: Give this new version a try for your fans, you might be surprised. Right now that "fix" is not permanent as with my upcoming release of the plugin I rely on other MakerAPI calls and need an extension to one of the MakerAPI calls. I opened up a new feature request.


Thanks that worked.


Beware v12 of Node...I couldnt run the Homebridge plugin. I had to revert to v11.14 and posted a new issue on Homebridge Github about it.


Awesome! That fixed it. Thank you. I just hadn't tried changing the temp since the new plugin so never noticed it until now. :grin:


Thanks for the heads up!


Hi how do I go by updating the plugin?


All, it has been a busy morning, just posted the second update of the day.

Newest version is 0.1.9 and I added the ability to filter out capabilities (as you were used to by the tonesto7's plugin) and to filter out attributes. Take a look at the readme here

to update, just do a

npm -g install homebridge-hubitat-makerapi

and npm will pull the latest version

Things to come for the next bigger release (just as a teaser):

  • Automatic refresh of selected devices in MakerApi, no more restart of homebridge required
  • Faster start-up time and reduced load on the hub. Currently the initial load of devices at start is resource intensive
  • Ability to create switches for Modes and invoke a mode change
  • HSM integration

There is no timeline yet for the next bigger release and I am waiting for a Hubitat firmware update, but I figured I keep you "hungry".

As always, let me know if you find any bugs and I try to fix them as soon as possible