New Homebridge Plug-in via MakerAPI and Eventsocket


Have you done any metrics wrt speedup/reliability using the maker version vs tonesto's? Just wondering as I'm on the fence about switching as I'm completely dependent on HB as it is currently implemented.

Either way, thanks for your work and I am closely monitoring this so that I can get off the fence soon.


That was somewhat my motivation behind this. As of late, I had several Hub freezes and needed to restart the hub every other day, this was with tonesto's version installed and running. No measurements of metric's done though

Since changing over to the MakerAPI and HubConnect version I don't see any freezing or slowdowns anymore.

Any major concerns here as to what needs to be available? I use Homekit as my UI and for presence detection (setting a virtual switch on arrival/departure). So far I have not detected any problems in that regard. Or better, my wife hasn't detected any issues so far, keeping WAF high is the goal!


Forgot to ask...can I use my Home App to control devices even when I am away from home (not on local lan or connected via VPN)? I currently am able to do this w/ the tonesto so not sure if there's anything different,,,


YES!! Got it installed, took all damned day, but got there with my QNAP and a docker image. Bit of faffing around, but now I look so super cool speaking to my watch, and things just happen :joy: :joy:

Thanks all!


Same as the tonesto version. As long as you have an Apple TV or iPad in the house that has the remote access enabled. You shouldn't have to change anything.


So I'm having issues with the Home app no longer updating device status after about an hour since starting homebridge. Restarting homebridge fixes it temporarily. Its strange because the home app will still control devices and the logs show activity still but after closing and reopening the home app each device status is 'frozen' in the state that it was in when it stops working. Buttons still work like turning on a light but closing the app and reopening shows it as off when it is still on. Let me know if you need any other info to help diagnose the cause.



This is ABSOLUTELY incredible! Works like a charm and SUPER fast!


Just out of curiosity, any idea how long it took to get into that state? Was it an hour, more or less? Might help me trying to figure out what is going on. I have not seen this behavior and had the plugin running for a week undisturbed. It almost sound like the underlying Homebridge instance is not providing updates to the iOS Home app since you can still control devices


Yes, it seems to take about one hour. I'll keep testing to see if I can narrow it down for you. I checked the homebridge logs and its reporting status changes they just dont show up in homekit for some reason. I only have this plugin and the config-ui-x on this instance so dont think another plugin is interfering.


There is a “refresh” running every hour within the plugin.... how many devices do you have configure? I assume that you don’t see any “weird” messages in the log, correct?


Yeah, nothing in the log out of the ordinary. I have 60 accessories in homebridge.


Thanks, i am going to poke around in that area for a bit


So I confirmed it's exactly every 60 minutes. I just timed it. So I think you're on the right track.


I started using this - by far the easiest and fasted homebridge integration I have done so far.. @dan.t :+1:

BTW - followed this for autostart service on pi Setup Homebridge to Start on Bootup – Tim Leland


That's not entirely true. There is an iOS app called Home Controller that does backup and restore which I use frequently.
It's not perfect with scenes but for everything else, it works great.


Thanks for the tip. I actually have the app. I didn't think it would work since the plug-ins are different.


HomeKit is the DataBase and framework Apple built. Controller for HomeKit backs up HomeKit and would be completely unaware of Homebridge... other than what Homebridge has inserted into the HomeKit DataBase :smiley:


Does this mean the status of my devices will not update in the Home app?


No, this was an initial attempt to detect changes in the device selection in the MakerAPI. I am re-doing this right now though as it doesn't work correctly.

You will get updates to a status immediately right now.

Best is to forget about that hourly thing right now until I publish the next version


Just installed and replaced tonesto version. Dont know if I notice a difference yet. I will report back on longer term usage.

Do you normally keep debug logging off or keep it on? I'd like to max performace...