New guy looking for help

I received my HE on Saturday and have been enjoying the learning curve with RM. I'm trying to get my basement lights to turn off only if there is no motion detected but I'm not sure where I am going wrong. I have a simple automation running the open door > lights on portion but we don't want to leave the door open the whole time someone is down there. This is what I've got set up but the lights turn off even though I'm moving and I've seen the led blink on the motion sensor.

I'm completely new to this kind of "coding" so I'm not sure where my error is.

Let's clarify. If the door is open, you don't want the lights to go off, even if there is no motion? I think you are looking for if the door is open, the lights stay on. If the door is closed AND there is no motion after a length of time, turn the lights go off. Am I close?

We can delete this, turns out I had the "off when closed" still checked in the simple automation. Works as expected now.
For other new users be sure to check your logs when something isn't working as expected.


I like you already. We all started somewhere. Admitting an oversight and leaving it says more than deleting it would. Glad you figured it out. Sometimes it's like anything else that doesn't work. The minute you reach out to someone about it, it starts working!
Welcome to the community!