New Favorite Automation - Tuya + Twilio Touch 2 Text

I setup the Twilio integration in the winter to use it for notifications related to HSM mostly... Worked great, and I wanted to apply Twilio to other applications, and came up with the idea of a push button notifier to 'gently remind" my kids that they have chores to do. Tried it on a SmartThings button and realized I needed more options, so I ordered the 4 button / 12 function Tuya button.

Now this thing is stuck to the wall in the laundry room, temporarily with my little user's guide next to it. Once I figure out the remaining 4 chores to add to it I'll make some laminated labels to stick to each button.

The best part is - the chores (usually) get done after the text is sent! :smiley: