New Devices to me, maybe someone has worked with these before

Has anyone managed to figure out how to add;

  1. The Amazon, Smart plug, and
  2. The Waze Cam Pan

into Hubitat?
Was a special driver require?
Could they be Discovered under LAN Devices?

My goal is to eventually have them show states on my Dashboard?

Thank You for your time reading my post.

If you want devices that are known to work with Hubitat, I'd stick with things from the Compatible Device List. That being said, most Z-Wave and Zigbee (ZHA 1.2 or Zigbee 3.0) devices will still work, but you would do well to search the Community forum first to see if anyone has had any luck. Many LAN devices also work, but all of them require specific support, either built-in or Community.

No Wyze products work natively with Hubitat. This is, I'd say, mostly due to Wyze: their products are all proprietary and meant to work mostly within their own app/system. They do have some cloud integrations, like IFTTT and Alexa. Hubitat does too. You could use a virtual device in Hubitat to squeeze some Hubitat functionality out of devices like this (e.g., have Alexa turn on a virtual switch when motion is detected by Wyze). It won't necessarily be fast, and unlike most things on Hubitat, it would be cloud-dependent, but it's about the only way to make things like this work.

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To my knowledge, this cannot be added to Hubitat through the normal way of controlling a smartplug. The only workaround is to create a virtual contact sensor/.swtich in Hubtiat and then tie that into an Alexa routine where you turn on the switch when closed and then another routine where you switch off the switch when open. It is much MUCH easier to get a natively supported Zigbee or Zwave smart-switch and barring that, a wifi switch with a native integration. The worksaround method will not provide any positive or negative feedback or reflect any local changes on the device, so there is a high likelihood they will become unsynced.

How do you want to "add this to hubitat"? Do you want to use it for motion alerts? Display it on a dashboard? Or control when it records/set the detection status? Each one of those will be accomplished in different ways with varying degrees of success.

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