New devices cannot be added to existing scenes

If you add a new device such as a dimmer or switch, you cannot add them to existing scenes. The new devices don't appear in the dropdowns, The only alternative is to delete the scenes and recreate them from scratch (and then redo all your integrations). Highly annoying.

I've seen this a couple times and thought I was crazy, but I think when I mentioned it before, someone else said they saw the same thing. Clicking "Done" on the group or scene and trying again (sometimes twice) has always worked for me.

That being said, this probably shouldn't happen, but I haven't bothered to formally report anything (and I'm not sure why it would do this--I've never seen this with standard device input lists, but since devices are supposed to appear only on one, I'm guessing they might be doing some secret magic behind the scenes that doesn't work 100%).


Hey, what do you know, that worked like a charm! Thanks a lot, I’m highly dependent on scenes and this saved me a bunch of hassle.

I agree, I’ve written some apps myself and I cant imagine any circumstances under which devices wouldn’t appear in a category-specific drop down.

I had this same problem as I had created a scene in the middle of migrating all my devices from Wink. I had to delete the scene and start over. I did try clicking done and going in and out a few times but the new devices never showed up on the list.

Interestingly, the groups have a "Refresh device lists" button on the page that brings in all the newly installed devices. They need to put that button in scenes as well.

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