New device missing from device list in dashboard

Hi, I just added some new zigbee bulbs to my system. They were paired without any problems, and I see them listed in the device list. I can also control them manually from there.

I want to add new tiles to the dashboard for each of them, but I found they are not listed in the device list when I try to configure the tiles. I only see my older devices listed. Do I have to reboot my hub or something to refresh things?


You probably forgot to go into the dashboard child app (in Apps) and add the device to the dashboard.


Thanks, that worked! I think I'll remember it now next time,

I'm pretty new to Hubitat, but I keep forgetting this.

I wished there was a way to allow all new devices to be discovered by at least 1 dashboard. I spent the better part of an hour trying to figure out why my Virtual Weather Device wasn't showing up....