New Caséta fan controller!


Two different support reps told me the app would be updated along with the firmware. I'm still on 6.5.0. That, combined with no change in behavior, I'm taking to mean there hasn't been an update.


Maybe they found an issue and had to stop the release until it's resolved. Happens.
Did you try rebooting the bridge? Maybe it also needs a kick in the pants to start updating.


I am still seeing 6.5.0 on the app.

Maybe they found out it was a little more complicated than they originally thought?


This was the last response I had from them


"Slow Rolling"


Just updated to 6.5.1


Sweet! That gives me hope they actually knew what they were talking about :rofl::rofl:


Unfortunately, the bug is still there... maybe the SmartBridge Pro will update itself overnight?


Well :poop:


I just got home and checked the version on the Lutron app - it is now 6.5.1.


I'm still on 6.5.0, must be a reward for bugging support :rofl: Can't wait to bug them more when I finally get the update and it doesn't fix the problem.


I ended up emailing support again yesterday, he got back to me today. Apparently my bridge has the updated firmware already, even though I'm still on app version 6.5.0. So much for app update corresponding to firmware update.

Support asked me to confirm that the problem was not fixed (it's not) and send them another log file, which I did. Will be curious to see what they say this time, since they clearly didn't bother to actually look into the problem last time.