New Caséta fan controller!


I'll have to check tonight. I was using the Lutron App on my phone, not the physical fan controller LEDs, in my late night testing. Thanks for clarifying the issue. I'll let you know what I find out.


These are not available in Canada yet. I’m going to pickup one when I’m in Oregon. Thanks for the testing and reporting back to Lutron. Should be working well by the time I have one.


I am going to have to thank my electrician.

I just took the plate off the switch in the master bedroom that controls the fan and light and he installed a deep box when he did it! Now I have to see if any of the HD stores in the neighborhood have one of the fan controllers . . .


Amazon is taking pre-orders if you cannot find one locally.


Success at HD.


Has anybody found a good, low cost source for the "Fan Pico Remote" ?

PJ2-3BRL-GWH-F01 is the part number.


What’s low cost for that? I don’t know what MSRP is for it?

Amazon pre-order price is $30


I have only found it on one site, for pre-order, for ~$30. I'd probably be willing to pay that, but I'd prefer to buy it from a vendor who has it in stock, and that I trust...

So, less than $30 would seem to be "low cost" for a product this new.


Every search I do for that part number comes up with other picos. Where’d you find that number? Was there a photo and description?



Perfect! Thanks!


You can trust Amazon :joy:. I think :thinking:


Thank you.


What code do you use to add the Fan Controller in the Lutron Integration on Hubitat?

p: Pico (pushed/held) d: Dimmer k: Keypad m: Motion
q: Pico (pushed/released) e: Shade s: Switch t: Thermostat

Dimmer (for now) ??


Yes, I used Dimmer.


@destructure00 my fan controller is behaving exactly the same as yours. Hopefully Lutron gets this fixed soon.


Does it stop behaving strangely after a bit, or does it continue indefinitely? when the smart fan controllers are turned on they take a moment to ramp the load up. they don’t just immediately switch to the full level presumably to keep the power draw down. I wonder if what you are seeing is transitional?


No, there's a problem. It's not transitional.


Have yet to receive the bridge firmware update that was supposed to either be completed by 3/1 or start on 3/1 depending on which support person I asked. Anyone else? I'm still seeing the weird behavior when setting levels. Still successfully using the workaround as well, but wondering what's going on with the FW update.


How does one know they have received new Caseta bridge firmware?