New cabinet with lights

Finally got around to getting a cabinet to organize my office.. Naturally I wanted it lit up and automated.. :grin:

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor G2
and RGB Genie LED Controller

All Z-Wave of course :wink:


Fun project. :slight_smile:

What are you using to diffuse the lights?

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are you able to control the brightness through the hub? seeing your project has inspired me to maybe set up the insides of my cabinets with lights, and this was one of the questions i thought. i'm thinking of using for a single control device, and use 3/4 for the 3 cabinets i would want to light. depending on the time of day the cabinet gets opened, i would adjust the brightness (to not blind someone [mostly me] opening it in the middle of the night)

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if my wife yells at me for drilling more holes in the cabinets, i'll just blame you xD. now i have my next project


I’ll take it.. I’m used to it :joy:


welp, wife quickly shot down the idea. i guess i'll try again next year


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