New c7 LED not turning on out of the box

I believe I received a dead c7 device I purchased on prime day. Tried different microUSB cords and wall plugs however to no success.

I submitted a warranty claim about a week ago and did not receive a response. I emailed and received a generic automated response.

Running into dead ends since I just would like to use the device and keep my prime day discount instead of returning via Amazon and having to repurchase at the current price.

After some researching I did read that this was a common issue with the C7. I don’t have a big home so I didn’t want to spend the extra on a C8 but at this point and the fragileness of the C7 microUSB connection, should I just buy the C8?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think DOAs have ever been a common issue for any generation hub.

But, it can happen, of course, and the micro-usb connector has been implicated on hubs prior to the C8.

In addition, there was a temporary issue with their warranty submission form page, about a week ago, so it’s possible the staff didn’t receive your request. You might want to re-submit, and I’m also tagging @support_team here.


As @marktheknife wrote, there was an issue with the warranty page on the support website that was resolved recently. Just to confirm - you did use the support website to submit this claim, correct?

To echo @marktheknife again, this is not at all common. I have purchased four C-5 hubs, and three C-7 hubs (all of which have the same microUSB connector), and haven't had this experience on any of them.


I appreciate the responses. Maybe it was just my luck of timing that the support page was down I will give that another try now. Thank you.

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Sorry for the troubles. I am sending you a private message to get more details about your hub. Please check the upper right corner for a notification.

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since you purchased through Amazon, i would process an exchange through them as well

edit: i see bobbyd has reached out, handle it with him

That was my initial attempt this morning before posting this topic.
Unfortunately, Amazon informed me my only option is to do a refund as it is “Sold by Hubitat” and Amazon was only responsible for the “shipped by” thus an exchange was not an option.

Don't worry, @bobbyd will take care of you

Agreed you’re much better off sticking with Hubitat support.