New C5 Hub Reset Procedure


I have received a new C5 hub, and do to a series of unfortunate events that unfolded while initially pairing my Z Wave devices, I would like to complete a factory reset. I have seen the procedure documented for the older version which utilize the USB port to load an empty file etc. However, since the Zigbee and Z Wave radios are built into the C5, there are no USB ports. So, does anybody know what the proper factory reset procedures are for the C5 hubs? I did send an email to support yesterday morning and am awaiting their response, but I also wanted to see if anybody else has been able to reset the new hubs.


Go to [hub-ip-address]:8081/resetHub

The login is the last four characters of the Mac address, found on the bottom of the hub, or in Settings/Hub Details.

Follow the instructions on that page.

Its my turn. Hub died today
Hub stuck at 10% initializing
Request: Provide option to specify NTP Server to use, stop hard-wiring it to
Error trying to access system events

The process has changed and is the same for both.. don't remember if it was 2.0.4 or 2.0.5, but relatively recent... I guess they knew the new hub was coming before we did, huh? :smiley:

You can reset the ZWave 'stick' DB via the GUI. Settings: Zwave Details: scroll to the very bottom: Reset ZWave Stick

Same for Zigbee, on Settings: Zigbee Details.

In both cases, it does NOT Exclude the devices. You will need to do that individually, as always.

Those are 'stick' processes, which does not clear the internal hub DB. That uses the instructions Bruce just revealed. :smiley:


Outstanding! Thank you guys for giving me a hand with this. I'll be giving it a go shortly.


The login is the last four characters of the Mac address,




Works like a charm. :+1:

System hung up during an update/restart 120->123. Will try again tomorrow. Having this reset procedure is like insurance.