New C-7 Device from amazon. weird amlogic firmware page. no hubitat

I just bought a C7 from amazon.

plugged it in, and no lights.... so I searched on my DHCP server, and found the page served looks like some kind of firmware update page for the SoC. can't really do anything on it. tried power cycling.

should I just return it?

Can you paste a screenshot of the page? You'll need to be in the Owner's group which you can join at: Hub owners - Hubitat


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This is a hub that slipped through QC process. It's a hardware box with nothing installed on it. I wonder how it got to Amazon in the first place, we'll look into that.

Please fill in a return form, and we'll send you a real one: Shipping and Returns – Hubitat Support
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See pm I just sent you.

Received it! Talk about fast support!


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