New Bond Device Support Not working as a Switch

I’m having some issues with the new built in Bond Integration. I have connected to my Bond Device in my Office and it found the Ceiling Fan/Light as defined:

Issue #1: You can’t add the Light to a Group as it is not recognized as a Switch.

Issue #2: The device can’t be used in Mirror because it is not a switch.

Issue #3: The device doesn’t seem to trigger Basic Rules. I have 2 rules setup:


They never get fired. These were setup when mirror/groups wouldn’t work for me.

There are now numerous posts/threads about the lighting portion of the Bond integration being broken, but so far, no acknowledgment from @bcopeland about it.

Perhaps he is on holiday, but I really hope he can circle back and fix this issue relatively soon.

Otherwise, this new official integration doesn't work for many of us, and it's just a matter of time before something (API changes etc) inevitably breaks the very-smoothly working community integration.

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V2 is coming.. It will require a re-work of how the children are created and what types those children will be.. 2.3.3 will have this V2..


Woot - that's awesome news!! Thanks @bcopeland !


We were just too far into 2.3.2 cycle to totally re-work this..


On that note… I urge bond users to join the beta program for better testing when 2.3.3 goes to beta


I don't doubt it's a bear to work with, so your efforts are much appreciated!

And your last post there segued right into my next thoughts -- the Bond beta sounds like it has some extensive changes in the hopper (to include API changes IIRC), so waiting on a wider "fix" makes good sense with that in mind.

Thanks again for the news update here -- it's much appreciated! I'm not in the Bond beta program yet, but I'll hippity-hop over into that now.

ETA -- I'll get in the HE beta too -- I see now that's what you are talking about

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Done.... As this is my Office, it gets lots of use!

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Sorry I missed them, but new information was the result!


I'd love to beta test changing the fan direction, should I join?

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FWIW, I believe @bcopeland was specifically recommending you join the HE beta program, which beta tests new hub FW releases ( will be the next beta release). He was not referring to the Bond beta program which run by Bond and covers the Bond app and Bond Bridge FW.

HE Beta program announcement below, w/link in the first post to the Groups page where you can request to join the Beta group:

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Right on -- I realized that right after I posted and I added an edit up there... HE beta application has been submitted, and I switched over to Bond's beta channel too.


Anyone else getting a vibe like this?


As long as there is no ripping off of faces, or rodent eating, we are good.


Awww...I was just getting my hamster spit and BBQ cleaned up and ready. :wink:

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