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Hi all!

I've become a recent adopter of Hubitat after moving to my new (old) home. I'm in the process of converting every light into either a Zigbee Downlight or a dumb downlight controlled via the Aeotec Nano Dimmer or Switch.

A few areas I'm hoping to get suggestions for:

  • Motion Sensors: I'm using mostly the Hue Motion Sensors. Keen to hear if there are any controllers that work as fast as these with Hubitat.
  • Door Sensors: Purchased one Aeotec Z-Wave door sensor... Keen to go cheap here, whatever Z-Wave or Zigbee devices work well.
  • Buttons: I'm looking for simple Zigbee or Z-wave buttons that can potentially cover up the no longer used Clipsal rocker switches and old fashioned dimmers I have on the wall. I like the look of the Hue Smart Buttons, but wondering if there are any cheaper options that do a similar thing. In particular, does the Ikea Dimmer Button or Button work well with Hubitat?
  • Old light switches/dimmers: Any suggestions on an elegant solution to cover them up to prevent guests switching off the smart bulbs?
  • Lights: I was planning to use the 12W Nue RGBW Zigbee 90mm Downlights. Unfortunately after ordering a small batch I realised that when set to the 'CT' mode in Hubitat, there is a very distinct pink hue at all temperatures and were much dimmer than I thought. As a result, I have to manually select the colour to get something that resembles a nice Daylight or Warm White. Any other suggestions here? (I'm looking for 90mm Zigbee downlights, in both colour + white as well as just white with adjustable temperatures). I have the Mercator IKUU downlights on order to try out as well.

To give some background of what I'm thinking of doing:

  • Rooms where I want the light temperature to change throughout the day, I will install smart downlights and block off the old light switches/dimmers with a cover or a smart button.
  • Rooms where I'm happy with the same warm white throughout the day, I will install Aeotec Nano Dimmers with the Clipsal Impress momentary buttons.
  • Motion sensors with rules around colour temperature for all hallways, bathrooms, yard
  • Buttons/virtual buttons to temporarily disable the motion-activated rules (I haven't figured out how to do this yet)
  • Google home devices to allow for voice control of all lights on Hubitat.
  • Thermostat set up to automatically turn central aircon on/off when temperature ranges are breached, and turn off when we leave the house. (haven't figured out how to 'smarten' my Fujitsu central unit yet)



Welcome aboard.

I'm a predominantly Hue shop in my place. Moved all the lights, motion sensors and dimmers off the bridge and on to Hubitat / Conbee2 (just the Hue 4-button dimmers). Not completely sold on whether I needed to go that far, probably could have kept the lights on the bridge and managed the rules and accessories via Hubitat... Certainly the motion sensors are great, fast and great battery life. Can't offer any comparison, I bought them from the start. In terms of the 4-button dimmers, if you have any, the only reason I connect them to another zigbee stick on my raspberry pi is to be able to get the long holds on buttons 1 and 4, which I use to control lights in adjacent rooms. Otherwise they work paired directly with HE.

I also have IKEA on/off switches paired to the same Conbee2 stick, these don't work when paired with HE.

I do dim my lights using scenes in HE triggered off by the change in modes, essentially me getting out of bed and Sunset. I would like to move on to more advanced adjustments over time like I think you are describing, and I suspect there are a couple of threads where others may have done that, so worth looking around here.

I use old Samsung buttons and multi-purpose (contact) sensors, so can't offer an alternative there, but hopefully some of the new ones will be out soon, was it Aeotec that took Samsung's hardware? The Samsung one's I have all work directly paired with HE.

I have been able to disable the motion control in the motion lighting built-in app, I think from memory the main thing was to setup a Virtual Alexa Dimmer by typing in a name for the device in that setting for the rule. I'll find a post where I talk about it and update it with my current setup.

Thermostats are a complicated driver to write, but if Fujitsu have an API I'm sure one could be written.


I use Lutron dimmers throughout and simply use bulbs on the occasional table lamp. I use Pico button controllers for EVERYTHING. Pretty much any compatible zigbee motion sensor will be good and fast. I have a ton of the IRIS v2 sensors I bought on ebay (bag of 10 for 50 bux) and theyve been pretty solidf. Instead of getting covers, look at the innovelli red series of switches. They have a smart bulb setting so they work properly. Everything that you're looking for is easily doable. You'll mostly use the simple motion and lighting apps to achieve it.

Same here. Sadly not a choice in Australia.

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Ahh, didn't notice his country... :cry:

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There are subcategories for users in different regions of the world, that’s usually another clue :wink:.


Can't be too critical of @rlithgow1, he was living in that nirvana where we all use the same frequencies and adhere to the same standards. .... Not saying which voltage / frequency / standards are correct....


Yeah I noticed it when I went to re read his op... :joy:


Yep that sounds like a great setup. Wish we could use those here!

Thanks Simon. I managed to get the virtual buttons working, So I can now turn the motion sensors off using my Google home. I just used the disable feature in the simple automation app.

I'm trying to get everything to just use the Hubitat, so I'm hoping there are other buttons/switches out there that work well with it. I don't understand how the Philips Smart Button is worth $70!

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Why not just keep using them? They can either be paired to the Hue hub and controlled via the Hue integration app (or the community CoCoHue), or paired directly with HE.

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I use plastic safety shields that go over the switches. They are readily available for either toggle or paddle, and will not prevent the switch from being accessed if needed. Available on Amazon (in Australia too) for both toggle and paddle types.

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@brad5, I've paired them directly with Hubitat using the built-in driver. Works well, just keen to hear if there are cheaper sensors that we've come across.

Ah OK! I'm not crazy about the Hue mounts. I miss the old ST motion sensors, though they did not have as many configuration options as I would like.

There’s ZIGBEE devices appearing from Mercator under IKUU brand including light globes, switch plates and motion sensors.

Watch out because they offer WiFi devices too.

right now I have Hue Motion sensors and supported by the Sonoff SNZB motion sensors. They've been working great and at $120 for a pack of 10 on aliexpress. The Sonoff SNZB buttons work great too.... not the best looking button but works.. about $88 for a pack of 10.

I cover my switches with these. If your plates are the standard deta

I always wonder, when people cover the traditional rocker light switch whether it'll be a good idea, especially it can be the backup option - to switch on the light, in case there is an issue with HE (firmware updates that corrupted your script, broken hardware, etc etc), unless you have a secondary HE on hand

Oh these snap on and snap off easily so I still have access to the underlying switch if needed. I wouldn’t perma seal completely as that would probably be illegal or potentially dangerous l.

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Does it scratch the existing cover? When you put it on/off? Or it snaps in perfectly

Doesn’t on mine if it’s the Deta plate.


With the original covers off:

With the blank plate

It doesn't fit perfectly so there is a slight 'bulge' where the switch is but close enough :stuck_out_tongue:

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