New app, guest user, and notifications

C8 running latest firmware.

I have 2 android phones (mine and wife's). With old app, I had both phones signed into my hubitat account.

I switched my phone to the new app and all was fine. I then swapped wife's phone and all seemed OK.

Today, she informed me she wasn't receiving notifications. I saw she was signed out of app. I signed her back in, which resulted in me being logged out of the app on my phone. I verified this was happening several times.

Maybe that isn't supported anymore? OK, I'll create wife a hubitat account and sign her in on her phone. No notifications. Deleted the device on hubitat for her phone and used her phone/account to create a new device. No notifications. I signed into her phone with my account, notifications worked. Signed her back in, no notifications. Notifications are allowed on her phone (as demonstrated when I'm signed in).

Maybe I need to give wife's account admin role. I see her account on the hub details page, but no way to change role or delete her user.

1 - Is it no longer possible to have multiple devices signed in using the same account? If so, do you use dummy email accounts if you use more devices than you have people?

2 - Does anybody have a suggestion as to what I'm doing wrong with wife's account causing notifications to fail?

3 - Does anybody have any suggestions on how to modify role or delete guest account? I've followed the (really needs to be updated to reflect current app) documentation, found the hub details page, but it doesn't show the icon to delete or offer any way to change role.

Wife's account works fine when used to login to new app on one of my old, unused phones. So the issue seems to be with wife's current phone.

I've cleared cache, cleared data, uninstalled and reinstalled app. Each time, I've removed the mobile device from hubitat and created a new entry. Nothing has helped.

I've noticed that presence changes are also being lost.

Any suggestions? If it matters, it's a Samsung S10e.

My wife and I are logging in with the same account on the new app.
When I logon with my phone I choose my existing phone device and when my wife logs in, I choose her phone device.
Are you doing this or are you trying to use the same device for both phones.

Using individual device for each phone.

Guess it's a know problem.

Reinstalled old app on wife's phone. Both devices logged in using same account. Looks like things are working as expected.