New Apartment Setup

Hi Everyone,

I just placed my order and I am excited to join the community! Will still be using ST at my main house - but if I notice a massive improvement and all of my devices are supported, I will switch my 200+ devices to Hubitat.

I sold my apartment a few months ago (it was on ST) and just purchased a new one. Plan to outfit it with Hubitat but I had a few questions on what will be supported.

Does Hubitat Support?

  • Disarm security and run routines based on the code entered into a Schlage lock? (So when I arrive at the condo while security is armed - typing in the code to unlock the door will also disarm security and run my home routine)

  • I conformed Iris Keypad functions to arm security and run routines. But can it also be used to turn on switches?

  • VLC Thing Supported or an equivalent way to broadcast alerts on a RPI connected to a speaker? (Door left open, security armed/disarmed, intrusion detected, etc...)

  • Just to confirm all alerts are sent via SMS until the mobile app becomes available?

  • Is this gas sensor compatible?

  • Just to confirm - all ST Multipurpose/Motion/Water sensors are compatible?

  • Integration with Nest (Cam/Thermostat/Protect)

  • Integration with Homekit (via Homebridge)

  • Possible to setup alerts if the internet connection goes down?

  • Is Wi-Fi Presence supported? If so, does it work well?

  • Logitech Harmony supported?

  • Is Rule Machine as powerful as WebCore?

  • Are Samsung appliances supported (Samsung Washer/Dryer)

  • Does the Hubitat Hub ever go down? Reliability is important - does it need to be rebooted often?

  • Sonos supported?

What kind of Door & Water Sensors do you recommend? Are ST Sensors still the best?

From my understanding - their is a cloud link to interface with the hub away from home & a local link that can be used on a tablet (i.e Amazon Fire)
How does the cloud link work - does it require a login? Can I bookmark it on my phone and launch it whenever I need to control something (would I have to enter credentials each time)?

Appreciate it! I will be building this apartment setup from scratch so if you have any tips that would be much appreciated!

I'll speak to what I have knowledge on:

Yes, you should be able to configure this easy enough with rule manager. It really all just depends on which apps you want to how on how you would accomplish it. Lots of options here.

I use a Raspberry PI running VLC Things plugged into my all house speaks and it works great. You'll need a custom driver for it [statusbits : VLC Thing] - Porting VLCthing - #12 by cwwilson08. Very easy setup.

Your limited to 10 SMS a day if you go this route. I'd recommend PushOver app as a bridge until they have their own app. Basically you install the build-in pushover driver and the pushover app, create an account with pushover and grab a key and throw them 5 bucks (after a 7 day trial) and your good to go. You can do 7500 push notifications a month and configure custom sounds and rules also.

You'll need a custom app for this [smartthings : Logitech Harmony (Connect)] -Harmony Hub Integration - #18 by mattw and a bit of borrowing from smartthings in terms of an API key. It works well for our needs.

Personal opinion here, having come from WebCore... No. You can install WebCore on Hubitat, but I found it to be slow. I've started just making custom apps and modify existing ones via groovy. Its not a big stretch from WebCore (but I write code for a living so that might play into it).

I've been using it for about 2 months now with no service interruption (aside from those I cause messing around :slight_smile:) Dropped smarthings and never looked back.

We're an Lowes IRIS house hold. I have about 47 devices - keypads, contact, motion, and temperature.

I used ActionTiles on the previous system, so I found the build-in dashboard to be limiting from what I was use to BUT they are working on it each update. I ended up deciding on, which Hubitat partners with. Note it is a cloud based solution (even at home) :frowning: but works great otherwise.

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What kind of alerts did you have in mind? They don’t have a “your hub is offline” alert like ST does, if that’s what you meant.

Other alerts would be tough to send to you remotely when your hub has no internet connection.

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Thanks! Also is anyone using August Lock with Z-Wave?

And is there an alarm entry delay for a selected door/motion sensor? So when I arrive home I can disarm security on my Iris keypad without setting off the alarm?

Yes, there is.

I have been using Hubitat at the new place for a few days. Here are my suggestions so far (I have only integrated a few sensors so far)

  • Support August Lock - August states that it is connected (via Z-Wave) but Hubitat doesn’t detect it.
  • Rule Machine - is it possible to create a condition when a mode changes to home? Currently I can only do when mode is home.
  • Are they any documents on the Iris Keypad integration? Still trying to figure out the setup (and I setup a custom monitoring to notify me if a door was left open but I don’t want the keypad to disarm that or water detection). I only want the keypad to disarm the intrusion detection.
  • Is there a “somebody knocked on your door” equivalent? We have that SmartApp in ST.