New Android and iOS beta builds are available

New beta versions of our apps are rolling out, here are the changes based on feedback:

Android Beta Fixes (Build 58):

  • Fixed typo on discovery hubs page
  • Unable to disable geofence fixed
  • Validate if jump between presence is too fast

iOS Beta Fixes (Build 57):

  • Fix radius set to 200 over time
  • Allow using the app when location permission is set to: 'Allow when using'
  • Optimization for iOS 13
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I have 4 issues to report on IOS:
-- Drag down (spring to release) on a dashboard causes a refresh, which it should. Many apps do this. When the refresh has loaded it drops you back to the list of dashboards. Clicking the green checkmark to refresh does not do this behavior.
-- The scrolling in Dashboards on IOS is awful. Huge W.A.F. issue. As soon as you lift your finger off it stops scrolling. It should glide like every other IOS page and app. As a developer, no idea how you actually made it do this. I'm actually curious, because the normal "gliding" way is what a normal webpage does. This issue also happens on Dashboards in safari, so may be a "Dashboard" issue rather than "App issue".
-- The app randomly logs you out. Like after phone restarts, or app kills. Haven't been able to track down exactly what causes this.
-- HSM Monitor dashboard: Clicking buttons provides no acknowledgement you actually clicked a button. I think if you click a button the window should probably go away. This issue also happens on Dashboards in safari, so may be a "Dashboard" issue rather than "App issue".

@chuck.schwer I just joined beta. :muscle:

Are u considering widgets for Android? I almost never use the app to turn things on or off because it is slow. Therefore I would like widgets to toggle HSM on or off for example!


"edit" : the beta version is much faster than the regular one, but I would still like widgets!

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i would really like to see the geofence area to be larger in the app if we wanted it to be

Would this possible resolve the issue where my device seems arrive/depart randomly?

What happened to the Push Notification List option in the iOS mobile beta app, I no longer see it so if I accidentally dismiss multiple notifications before reading them I have to search all over for the logs that were created when they were sent. Also is there any way to get the app to change to local immediately rather than after a 3 second countdown?

Yes, this fix suppose to handle this weird jumps that affect android.

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  • Notifications list was removed because it wasn't consistently adding all of the notifications. A new notifications screen will be added on the next release that will be more reliable and show a history of sent notifications even if the phone wasn't able to get it for any reason.

The spring to release issue and scrolling issue are resolved by IOS 13.1.1.

I posted the below comment on a similar post and thought it was appropriate here also.

I was having similar issue, it seemed that unless another application like my Arlo presence, or Life360 1st triggered a GPS update the Hubitat app wouldn't update unless I opened it 1st. Last week I enrolled in the Beta program, disconnected my Life360 to test the HE app. It immediately was the best I have ever experienced with any presence to date; almost 6 months with HE. HE app initiates and updates my presence and runs the rules I have created before ANY of the others even process. I really don't know exactly what the difference is but I am SO HAPPY!

Samsung Galaxy S9+ - Verizon
Android 9 August 1, 2019 build
HE App Beta 1.3 build:58


I am getting no response from hub on mobile app since Monday. Even if I open on local network the app shows no response

I'm getting just the opposite from above comments. My location with the app has been rock solid for the last couple months. And within probably 100 ft every time. No excessive battery drain either. Same with wife's phone. I have disabled Life360 as not needing it.

Pixel 3a, Android 10. Latest beta app.

The iOS build keeps signing me out. I’ll notice that after a couple days my presence isn’t right. I open the app and it asks for credentials. Using version 61.

I noticed the same problem with my wife's iPhone XR.

My Pixel 2 XL has actually been working well as of lately at least.

In the past the iPhone seemed to actually work better, seems to have more issues since IOS 13.

I'd love to at least understand why the app signs you out randomly. Maybe there is a good reason.

Not sure. I had to uninstall the beta and install the release to fix it. This, of course, broke everything that used my phone for presence or notification. Pain in the ass.

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