NEW, Alexa virtual switches (buttons) Speculate how we can use

So Amazon announced that will now support virtual switches (silly Amazon with their typical confusion). What they mean is buttons are finally allowed. So let's speculate what we can do with Alexa now that a virtual button should work with it.

Probably a possible solution to continue using my IKEA buttons that are not supported in Hubitat, but are still paired to my old ST hub and will die when SmartThings kills the HubConnect groovy app very soon?

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That's an exciting thought. Maybe they will pair directly. I've got a bunch of Ikea and Linkind buttons.

Slightly confused here. I have been using them for years under smartthings. The operation is the same here.

I just "AX, turn on Heater", It turns it on and I turn it off in software. Is there something I am missing?

Buttons never worked with Alexa... Well that insane expensive Flic one did.

I guess my workaround did fine. I never noticed.

Do you have a reference for the announcement, by chance?

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