New Alexa Mobile App - Echo Show 2 home controls

I just received an update to my Alexa app that adds touch control to the voice implementation. The layout and functionality is really fast and, at least to my eye, well done.

Certainly this seems a vast improvement on the Smartthings mobile app and in some ways is providing the missing phone app I need to support my implementation of Hubitat while I build the dashboards I want ...

I am hearing that the Echo Show version 2 will also allow screen control as well as a web browser, so allowing dashboards to function. The new Google screen based products also seem to be moving in this direction with the new products. Any experience within the community?

Check it out. It will be a while before I reach the goal of total automation so a phone app with a good interface is helpful and appreciated by my wife.

The only peculiarity I see is that when contacting the hub the message seems to be "waiting for "Royal Philips Electronics" .... would be good to see "Waiting for Hubitat" instead, but it's on my screen for much less time than "waiting for Smartthings..."

Things are moving fast in the world of Home Automation/Control.

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IMO the Google Home Hub looks like a betterrible offering. I've just heard some meh things about Google home but it's got an update too.

The current/v1 Echo Show also does now--just say "open Firefox" (or Silk), and it will. You can navigate to your dashboard and use it on the touchscreen (which v1 also has). :slight_smile:

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Thanks - hadn't seen that - or whether the home controls are available on v1.

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I just saw an article that that says Google powered smart displays will soon get support for multi room audio. My naive knowledge of the product lead me to assume they all already did this.

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The amazon devices launched this a month or so ago - fierce competition. Hard to think of changing away from the echos as they have become such a key part of life for us in controlling the home.

Yeah I'm only one dot in... Planning to get a home hub for the other half of the house. See which I like better. I know I won't have the show for comparison...

You are at the start of a highly addicting experience I fear. Once we discovered how much voice control complements home automation we have an echo device of one form or another in nearly every room.
Sometimes I forget we still have light switches.

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Yeah I see it happening to me. My wife never talks to it. I know she'll touch a screen over talking.

I have an Echo or a Dot in every room and other than the hour after installing the Skill, no Home Automation words have been spoken.

Maybe I'm at the primitive end of things with only 113 devices on this Hub and 19 devices on that Hub. Everything I can automate has been, I thought.

Between Siri and Alexa, I have plenty of "servants" but nothing for them to do because Hubitat has done it already. :smiley:

Homekit via homebridge use is dominated by Presence... not that there's a ton of coming and going here.

So what am I missing? What should I be telling Alexa to do?

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We use them all the time. Sometimes to override automations (or where I haven't got them set up, yet) but most often to control the music and av systems where we can select programs and play artists/playlists in chosen rooms and zones. We also have them set up to control tvs (the pop up/down tv lifts are a great novelty) and find them complementary to old tech remotes which we still use to select channels or control the movie selections...

It's interesting to see how different families / groups use systems in different ways. My wife uses the echos all the time in preference to having automations. I have a long way to go with what is quietly becoming a home control/automation obsession.

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The v1 Show works very well. Amazon can keep their app, I’ll stick with my Dashboard instead. :wink: found control via the app to be very hit and miss.


We have two Shows and I didn't know the dashboard could be displayed on them! Can you bookmark it and if so how?


Love it - thanks for sharing -I was unaware this had become possible. The amazon app is a nice interim while i build dashboards and integrates some this that aren't working yet (eg my Heos system).

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Yes :slight_smile: You can bookmark it. If you use Silk, and your dashboard is the last opened, it also opens directly to that Dash :+1:

Also works with ActionTiles and SmartTiles . :slight_smile:

Wouldn't it be great to have the option of not having "Switch" on the top of each of your tiles? Looks like a great dashboard for controlling music - do you get to show album art at all?

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Yeah very :slight_smile: I'll need to try and use Spotify with it, quite possible the speaker text would update, but doubt I'd get album art. But then used on the Show, I don't know what that will show as my Spotify is tied in.