New 700 series products from Zooz

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100w max led load on the dimmer? Yuck.


Seems a bit... light. :rofl:


It is OK for a lot of applications I guess, but I have 3 different places in my house that 100w led on a dimmer wouldn't cut it. Seems like a weird design choice for a new device when most other newly designed dimmers can do 150w or 300w on LEDs these days.

@jasonjoel Is that the draw or equivalent? I mean if it's a 100 watt equiv, the draw from the led is likely below 12 watts actual. This means a 100 watt load switch is more than adequate


Draw. I have a lot of bulbs - big rooms with recessed lighting. So unless I want to use like 40w equivalent LEDs, there would be no way I could stay under 100w draw.

For something like a bedroom, bathroom, or hallway that only have a few bulbs 100w max would work.

But knowing I need some >100w, why would I buy the zooz at all? I don't want 2-3 different models and brands of dimmers in my house. That was my point I guess - just make a higher rating that works in all areas like Inovelli and GE did.

Inovellli Red - 150w/200w/300w LED (depending on # of tabs you leave on/break off)
GE Enbrighten - 300w LED
Older GE/Jasco - 150W LED
Caseta - 150W LED

No big deal either way. I just think a new device with only 100w LED capacity is very odd / an outlier versus the other products out there.


Got it, wasn't thinking about groups... (I'm running lutron caseta all throughout)

For the record Caseta are 150w LED rated (as are the older GE/Jasco dimmers).

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As are the Zooz V3 & 4's (500 series) - seems only the 700 series has that limit.

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That's why I think it is odd. :slight_smile:

When other manufacturers have 700 series dimmers out I guess we'll see if they have the same limitation. If so, I guess I won't be buying any 700 series dimmers any time soon. :slight_smile:

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A 65 watt eq led is ~7-9 watts so this switch will accommodate 11-14 BR30 LEDs. Seems like that would accommodate most lighting. I have a large kitchen with 9 recessed cans on one switch, 4 on another and 6 dangly ( as I called them when the wife picked them ) lights on another. Originally the 9 cans were 100 watt incandescent on a regular switch, I wouldn’t expect to see much above that on a single switch in a normal 15 amp lighting circuit as that’s only 1650 watts of power for the whole circuit.

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I agree that most lighting can stay under 100w LED - but not all. I use 85W equivalent bulbs (13W actual) and have 8-12 per room. I like it very bright during the day (they are all at 100%), and them dim them at night.


I'm not arguing that 100w won't be enough for most applications. My point is that when all of their competition is rated at 150-300w, a low rating like 100w is an outlier. For me 100w max IS limiting and would make me not buy it. 150w LED capable is the minimum I would buy (and luckily that is what pretty much every other dimmer on the market already does).

Each to their own.


On another note...if I was looking for a UZB stick, this price looks very nice.


I used their 500 series sticks .. I even had flashed one for zniffer.. I can't say anything about their 700 series ones as I haven't used it, but I got a lot of mileage out of their 500 series ones..


most LED range from 5-10 W Max (atual Watts) so unless your have 10-20 lamps on a switch?

As mentioned above, the led bulbs I use are 13-16 watt each, and yes I have 8-12 bulbs per big room.

So like I said, a 100w max dimmer could be ok for bedrooms or areas with a low number of bulbs. :slight_smile: (Aka small to medium room).

As I have multiple rooms with >100w led loads, I won't be buying this zooz model (or any other model with a 100w led max load).

My situation likely only comes into play with large rooms with recessed lighting, as that drives the # of bulbs up quickly.


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