Network Monitoring

I stand corrected. Silly me was looking in the DHCP section. I just checked the UDM I am setting up for next week and you can do it there too.

If you know of a way stack Geo filtering and "Allow" rules I would love to use USG. I know Geo filtering is still fairly new for them (still beta), so hopefully it will be worked out.

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I think that's exactly what it is.

As I recall, to assign a dhcp reservation for a device, I let it obtain a dhcp address, and then click "make static".

I'm certainly not a networking guru, but I think that's essentially a dhcp reservation.

Wait. That's not in UniFi, I have an EdgeRouter, perhaps it behaves differently....interesting.


Update: according to This article:
What my EdgeRouter does is a DHCP reservation because its assigning a static IP based on the MAC address through a DHCP request. A static IP on the other hand would be applied on the device network interface, not by the router.

I'm a little surprised that the Unifi products wouldn't use the same model....

Disregard! I see @TechMedX replied as I was writing my response!

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No I have to take back my take back. I thought what @ogiewon would do it but it does NOTHING. When I connect to the network it still gives me a random IP. I think it is Unifi's way of saying ok you are using a static IP so I won't give that one out, but it will not hand it out based on MAC from what I see.

Can anyone else running Unifi confirm or deny? I am going to do some more testing as well, but for now I "added" IP 192.168.111, and it is given me IP 40.

Some routers will continue issuing the original DHCP address until the original lease expires, or the router is restarted. Just an idea.


To be fair, I just converted a dynamic lease into a dhcp reservation. I didn't try to "set" an address. So my test doubly may not apply to the USG.


Rebooting UDM seems to have done it. I reboot my computer, and it did not help, but after booting the UDM it did assign me 111.

Now if I could just keep 99% China and Russia out, I would go USG tomorrow.


No need for me to eat lunch I am full from eating my words.

I played with the Geo filter more last night, and it is much better already. Before you could only block or allow 5 countries, now it seems unlimited (clicking the map 1000x gets old).

Unifi has also released a new (Jan 2020) firmware update (UDM-Pro only for now) that adds a "White List" feature. Presumably this will override the Geo filter settings :crossed_fingers: Anyone out there running a UDM-Pro that can confrim?