Network cable swap, power down?

Ok I'm getting a new switch, to check for network errors, so the question is do I need to power down the hub to disconnect the cable?

You don't have to, but I would just I case the power cable becomes accidentally disconnected. Better to be safe than sorry.


depending on the position and location of your hub, reach around your hub and unplug the network cable from your switch and move it to the new one. Then correct the static ip address again so you don't throw out another post saying "I swapped switches and now I can't find my hub." Don't touch your hub, for fear it could inadvertently become disconnected.

I was a bit mistaken, though. It's probably a good idea to reboot your hub after swapping switches because you're going to have an ip conflict.

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Even though I have a static set against the mac already on my router?
I'm swapping out a dumb switch for a "smart" one

Edit.. safe than sorry sounds the motto

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You don’t need to power down.. As long as you don’t accidentally pull the power plug

Cool, I was thinking of testing the flat cable, I've swapped it out at the mo but curious to see if it was causing my or some of my issues

Then your ip will be ok. Some don't think it's necessary. Good deal. We could make this simple question a 20 minute read for you. Hope you find your network issue.

What is your network issue? Maybe someone can help?

Im beyond help lol, they think its linked to general slowdown issue, my z-wave becomes unresponsive/locks, now I've got a sniffer I can see the external stick is functioning properly and accnooging messages but the hub isn't processing/receiving them.

But wifi virtual and zigbee continue to work fine during a lock, only fix is shutdown and pull the power

:thinking:Your ethernet connection should have nothing to do with z-wave issues.. Unless you are using some LAN/Internet device or service to process automations..

When this happens are you still able to hit the hub's web interface?

Unless there is more to the story than I am aware of

Not really chromecast disabled,

Just trying everything at the moment

Bobby's response
Thank you for the updates. This means that something other than Z-Wave is killing your hub's processing power, which is consistent to what I have been observing too, all this time.

Ok.. I'm going to need more back story then..

Soz, the yea was to web interface
I've a pretty basic at the mo simple lighting, basic rm, chromecast disabled.

It happens Mainly when on mode changes, triggering scenes

How many devices are involved.. And what type of devices..
And what are the symptoms..

I know it can be a pain to repeat all this ..

I think I have spoken with you on this before.. And I think I remember suggesting you open a ticket because of the information I had.. But it sounds like I am missing a big part of the picture..

Probably did I posted Bobby's last response above.
Around 20 micros z-wave
3 neocam light switchs
5 neocam plugs
8 neocam sensors

2 zigbee arora dimmers
Hue motion
8 IKEA plugs

It's like it can't cope with the flood of stuff

Which model?

I see what you did there :wink:

Another bobby message, this was a one off error I spotted .... hardware or software?? So I'm making sure of what I can on the HW side

Yes, db error, but as you noticed, is not a permanent error. What it means, is that your db was temporarily locked up because multiple processes were trying to lock a table at the same time. This is one of the root causes for slowdowns, which engineers have identified and are trying to solve.

Ahhh.. I see where he is going with that thought process then..