Nest Operating State

The Nest Operating state is stuck in Fan only when I make the nest go from Off -> Fan -> Off. Below is the logs from the testing. I would expect the operating statte to go from idle->Fan only->idle.

dev:4312018-07-13 21:07:19.140:debugOperatingState is (Fan only) | Previous State: (Idle)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:07:19.123:debugFan Mode: (Auto) | Previous State: (On)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:07:19.119:debugOperatingState is (Fan only) | Previous State: (Idle)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:02:19.495:debugFan Mode: (On) | Previous State: (Auto)

Yeah, I just went from idle to cooling and this is the log:

dev:4312018-07-13 21:37:19.575:debugTemperature is (80°F) | Previous Temp: (79°F)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:37:19.357:debugOperatingState is (Idle) | Previous State: (Idle)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:37:19.353:debugnestOperatingState is (Idle) | Previous State: (Idle)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:37:19.336:debugFan Mode: (On) | Previous State: (Auto)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:37:19.328:debugOperatingState is (Cooling) | Previous State: (Idle)

dev:4312018-07-13 21:37:19.322:debugnestOperatingState is (Cooling) | Previous State: (Idle)

It shows going from idle to cooling to idle in seconds.

Bump, this is breaking my keen vent control.

It looks like its been a few days since your original post. I would try to open a ticket if no one reaches out to you soon.

After working with support, it ended up that having too many event subscriptions for different events that call the same function is not really a good idea, unless you are careful. Thanks to Hubitat support!

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