Nest Lock? Smart Locks in General?

Got my Hubitat yesterday and I have most of my lights and outlets switched over. I still have my locks to do. Couple things I need some help with so far.

First question is, is there a way to get my Nest Yale lock at least geo fence and lock when I leave? It's supposed to do it through the nest app but I've never been able to get it to work and nest support has no clue either (my cameras turn on when I leave and my thermostat goes into away mode but my lock won't lock).

2nd, Based on searching around it seems Schlage locks were supported, now they aren't? Schlage is listed a supported brand but is not listed on the approved devices page. I still have my Wink hub and might keep my two Schlage locks on it until Wink finally dies.

3rd bonus question. What app do I need so Hubitat sees if I'm at home or not?

I think most locks need a secondary input for security purposes. For example my level lock wasn't working until I changed it to an automation in my ihome setup now when I drive away it asks for confirmation to lock my doors and I have to click run to make it work. Could it be something like that for the nest yale?

Since the nest x yale lock is part of the nest ecosystem it doesn't have a native way to interface with hubitat. However, there are some workarounds you can use to lock it using GAR (google assistant relay) but it requires a node.js server (easy to setup) running on an always on raspberry pi or something similar.

It's a very nice quality lock (pretty much a Yale Assure YRD-256 without the zigbee/zwave) but is locked down to the nest ecosystem.

Depending on the model Schlage locks are a bit of a challenge to get working reliably on hubitat for many users. A strong z-wave mesh is critical.

The native HE android/iphone app should work well for you for geofencing although many users are using multiple presence sources to enhance performance.

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Schlage were supported at some point in the recent past. Some people were having issues, and after much forum debate the Hubitat team decided it would be best to just remove them from the supported list for the time being.

In my opinion, the people who were having issues were being very impatient in trying to diagnose the issue, whether it was Hubitat, Schlage, or even some 3rd party app someone put on their hub. They did not do enough to help Hubitat to track it down or give Hubitat a fair amount of time to fix things. Again, IMO.

Me and others have not had any issues whatsoever, or minimal issues. I am not sure what the difference is, you can try a Schlage, but at your own discretion. Like noted above, a strong mesh is certainly part of making any Zwave device work correctly.


I have not seen any ecosystem that has what I would call terrific presence. This is a huge issue with home automation in my view.

What does work is to use a combined presence model. For example, use a presence fob combined with Hubitat app, or phone wifi, or Life 360, or whatever.

I use wifi, Hubitat app, and Smartthings presence fobs and get a fairly reliable model of who is home. I use jwetzel1492 Combined Presence along with Iphone Wifi Presence app (don't worry, it works for most people on Android too) .

I use a combination of life360 and the iPhone WiFi presence sensor

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Thanks, in my wink set up I just used whatever source wink was using to track presence. I believe it was just based on my phones location. I'm mainly looking for something that triggers the lock when i leave the house and run to the store and I forget to lock the door before leaving. Though as I get more comfortable with Hubitat I'll probably do more automation based on when wife gets home etc.

I just switched from Wink to Hubitiat and I have the Nest x Yale lock. And frankly I love it. In my opinion, it's the best looking smart lock on the market. I already have Homebridge running on a Pi so I can use Siri controls when I wish and have my lock working in there.

This is what I'm going to attempt to try and get the Nest lock working though Hubitat.

  • Create a virtual lock in Hubitat
  • Add virtual lock to Homekit with Maker API
  • Set up series of 4 automations within Homekit...if virtual lock is locked/unlocked then lock/unlock the device from Homekit and going the other way as well

I've done this with a couple lights that I have moved off of Homekit switches yet and it seems to work well.

It is a meandering path but I think it could be an option for others who have the Nest lock. Will report back once I try it.

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