Nest API announced


That's good news I'm highly invested in Nest products. I have been putting off replacing a faulty Nest protect until I know I'm going to stay invested in there products depending on their 3rd party support of course. Looks like I may still wait to replace the faulty protect but looking better at least.

Maybe... Assuming Hubitat want to proceed with the requirements it takes to try and get partner access. The legal details/T&Cs on those agreements can be a deal breaker for some companies. Plus no one knows what the "security assessment" will even entail at this point.

"The program requires partner submittal of qualified use cases, acceptance of our NDA and Terms of Service, and completion of a security assessment before being allowed to utilize the device API for commercial use."

I hope something can be worked out for sure. I use to have my gas turn off if a smoke alarm or a Carbon Monoxide alarm was received. It felt a lot safer using gas then not so much now.

Of note and great interest:

Device Access for individuals

We will also offer Individual user access, where you can create personal use integrations via the Device Access sandbox. These integrations won't be subject to a commercial use case assessment, but you have restricted access by a limited number of users per integration.

The Inquiry Form on the above-linked pages specifies Individual Use as "less than 5 users", but perhaps this will be some kind of equivalent to the old Nest Developer account that would grant individuals with an OAUTH that could be then used for a home automation hub app solution. Unfortunately, we have to wait until "late 2020" for that to be fully revealed.

Well then I won't be buying any new Nest devices until late 2020. Money saved. Look at that. :slight_smile:


Yeah I seen that and made sure to sign up. Hope they get there act together for sure.

Haha, Google with their act together! Nice. How many text messaging platforms have they created? Just look what they have done to Nest too. Maybe, just maybe they have a sense of direction this time with their own ecosystem, but I ain’t holding my breath.

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I don't know why they haven't just created their own hub and Nest branded sensors yet.

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For what it’s worth, when they restricted Gmail scopes they added a similar “security assessment” requirement. It is to be completed by a third party of Google’s choice with an annual cost of $15k-75k and up (depending on complexity). Something like this could well be a nonstarter given how open the HE platform is, so we may have to hold out for every user getting their own integration under the umbrella of “Individual Use” and configuring their own API keys.