Neo Coolcam zigbee water sensor

So bought a couple of Neo Coolcam water sensors. Weirdly they paired as "Generic Zigbee Blind" I tried the Generic Zigbee Moisture sensor. No go... Anyone use these??

@mike.maxwell Get the following pairing

Battery data - description:read attr - raw: 940B01000108210020C8, dni: 940B, endpoint: 01, cluster: 0001, size: 08, attrId: 0021, encoding: 20, command: 0A, value: C8 | parseMap:[raw:940B01000108210020C8, dni:940B, endpoint:01, cluster:0001, size:08, attrId:0021, encoding:20, command:0A, value:C8, clusterInt:1, attrInt:33, valueParsed:200]

@mike.maxwell Any thoughts on what to try for this? Or should I send you one? (I bought a couple)

sure, that works...

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will do

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