NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor(PIR)2 (NAS-PD02Z)

Hi. As indicated on the Compatible Devices list the NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor (NAS-PD01ZU-T) uses the Neo Coolcam Motion Sensor driver. Does this driver works with the newer NEO Coolcam Motion Sensor(PIR)2 (NAS-PD02Z)?

After long time, I wanted to ask the same :slight_smile: were you able to test it?

Hi. I use the Aeotec TriSensor driver for this device. Works absolutely fine.

Good to know! Also, the light detection is working fine right?

What is the battery life? I have heard from the v1 that was a huge problem, what about this new version?

Battery life is okay. I installed the device on May 5, 2021, outside under a carport. It is freezing here in winter. Still 62% left.

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