Neighbor's zigbee bulb (GE Link) paired from ~150 feet away


Five years ago, I had given one of my neighbors a few GE Link bulbs and a Wink Hub as a Christmas gift. This particular neighbor lives about 170-200 feet away. I think they stopped using the Wink hub after a couple years, but continue to use the Link bulbs as regular light bulbs.


One of my zigbee sensors fell off line, so I went to "re-pair" it. Turned on zigbee discovery on my Macbook and then went to the bathroom to push the sensor button a couple times. When I returned, two devices had paired. The first one was this:

Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 9.28.17 PM

(the second was my sensor).

For S&G, I tried controlling it, and sure enough that worked (yes, I called the neighbor beforehand!).

I've never paired anything that so far away before this. The only difference is that I've added a few of @iharyadi's Environmental Sensors.

Still, pretty flabbergasted that this paired. Also, I'm giving them some regular LED lightbulbs, I don't accidentally end up with crappy GE Links on my zigbee mesh.


I think you really missed an opportunity for some good stories from the neighbor when hanging around the fire pit.

I wouldn't have been able to pass up the opportunity to set random on/off rules.

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Interesting... either the neighbor never paired the device to their Wink at all, or the bulbs somehow factory reset themselves in the meantime. Impressive range.. hang on to that Zigbee channel.

I've found a few unexpected Zigbee networks when using my sniffer recently; one was the Echo Show in my living room; I had forgotten it is a Zigbee hub that apparently can't be turned off even if never configured. Another I never tracked down (I suspect it might be my neighbors new electric meter, or possibly their new cable box/remote).


It was definitely paired to Wink - I set it all up for them. They stopped using Wink probably in 2017. So over 3 years, some how the bulb has reset itself.

Yup my new electric meter is zigbee as well. I wasn't sure if it was 915 MHz zigbee or 2.4 GHz zigbee, but your sniffing suggests its the latter.


What did he do to upset you?