Need to temporarily move Zigbee devices, how to?

I have a handful of Philips Hue motion sensors paired with my HE C-7 hub. I want to move them temporarily to a Hue bridge just for the purpose of upgrading the firmware and then move them back to the HE hub for operation.

Is there a way to move these to the Hue but save their spot on the HE so I can easily move back?

Just reset (long press reset button) the sensor and pair with hue bridge. Once the update is done delete from the hue app and repair to HE using the same process. No need to delete from HE at all.


@rocketwiz thank you! That worked great, for the record here are the steps I took for future reference.

Started with Hue motion sensor currently paired and working with Hubitat. Goal was to move the sensor temporary to Hue hub for the sole purpose of firmware upgrade, and then move back to HE for operation.

  1. Long press 'setup' button on rear of motion sensor for 10 seconds. LED will flash green then cycle between red and amber signaling a reset is complete.
  2. Open Hue mobile app and select add new accessory to your Hue hub. While Hue app is searching for new accessories might need to quick press (1 second) the setup button once again.
  3. Once paired with Hue hub go into software upgrade under app settings and upgrade the motion sensor to the latest firmware version.
  4. After firmware is complete, delete accessory from Hue app and hub.
  5. Same as Step 1, long press setup button for 10 seconds to reset.
  6. Quick press the setup button once and you should see the LED flash amber then go solid green and go out, the sensor should now be back connected to your HE hub.
    7 . Test and reinstall motion sensor.