Need to see if someone can help me find 100 ft LED strip

I'm wanting to put LED strip lights all the way around my living room I think 100 or 150 ft would be what I would need. If anybody knows of any LED strip lights that would work with hubitat let me know? At a good price. Most of the ones that I find are like 6 ft and they use Chinese junk apps that are not compatible with hubitat at the moment or smart things.

What voltage? Color or white?

I use any led light strip from Amazon that uses the Magic Home app. There is an HE integration MagicHome wifi controller that allows you to adopt, control and use the light strip with HE. I have been using it for years. I just ordered a Daybetter brand light strip from Amazon. The only prerequisite is that the strip use the Magic Home app. It can be any length.

I've done a lot of work around our house with the Sylvania RGBW strips. They're only 2 feet each, but they piece together nicely, and I've had up to 100' running on one controller (albeit with a Y jack - all in one string, there was a definite brightness drop after about 70 feet). They're probably a little higher than "at a good price", but they're (so far, knock on wood) 100% reliable.

I would double-think the "all the way around" - even at minimum power, that's going to be near-uncomfortably bright. We had originally designed the lighting in one large room here to go "all the way around", which would have been about 150 feet, but after installing the first long wall (about 45'), we realized that was more than enough to "feature light" the entire room.

Are you sure you need 100'???
100' would let you go around the perimeter of a 20'x30' living room; that room would be 600 sf, which is about 3 times the size of most living rooms...

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My thoughts exactly, dude living in a mansion.

And he wants it cheap, lol.

get some 5050 RGB LED strips, a ZEN31, a proper power supply to handle your LEDs...profit

That length is certainly a concern. You will most likely need a dedicated power suppy.
I had to do that with my rec room and it was only ~40'. Second strip dimmed considerably with just a wall wart.

I forgot to say I would prefer 12 volts so I can run it on solar.

Not really, depending upon the layout of the house. My living/dining/kitchen are all basically one room and roughly this square footage. The whole house is not quite 1500 sq ft.


I feel like there are a lot of questions left that need to be asked.

  1. Does the user want RGB or RGBWW or RGBIC
  2. How are the strips going to be mounted, In a channel, just taped to the ceiling, as accent light behind crown molding. ect
  3. Does it have to be one led strip or can multiple devices make up the range
  4. Have their been any thoughts into Pixels per Meter.

Some of those questions lead to other requirements. The Voltage used generally leads to how long a run can be, or how long before power injection is needed. 12v won't get anywhere near 100ft without power injection. If you have strips with High Pixels Per meter then you will also run into power limits as power requirements are based on the number of pixels and not just length.

If you are looking for something that is premade I would suggest looking at Govee, They have some very long LED Strips with decent control options and can integrate with Hubitat for many of their strips. You will still need to know the answers to the questions i posted above because that can determine which strip options they have that will work for your needs though.


Fair enough. I took the OP's labeling the room to light as "Living Room" literally.

Okay well I'm trying to do is set these strip lights up to run off my solar panels that are 12 volt.
The 100 ft was just an approximation of the room so I could cut them down to the right size without having to have multiple strips in multiple power supplies. What's the longest I can use with 12 volts? I'm having trouble finding 12 volt lights bulbs with Edison style sockets that are bright enough to light my whole living room up. So I thought strip lights would be a better solution color changing would be nice. Like I said I bought some cheap ones from Walmart and don't like them they're only 6 ft in length in one was dead out of the box for Wi-Fi use so it sucks. My other requirement is a run off of Google home and I say something like Google turn on living room strip light and they all come on or I just leave them on all the time and they don't draw very much while needs or voltage or amperage Hope this helps.

The Govee kit i linked above is actually 12v and wifi controlled. Govee wifi strips interact with Google and alexa. You can also use the Govee integration i maintain to integrate then into HE. Part of how they made it 100 ft is the controller actually has two 50 foot strips attached to it. Controller attaches to a provided power supply via barrel jack. So you would just need to connect your source power to that jack.

The 12v power at that length likely also limited the number of pixels on the strip. Because of this it may not put out as much light as smaller strips in the same voltage. These are probably less then 30 pixels per meter to make that length.

If these are for general purpose lighting you may also want to consider RGBW or RGBWW strips to improve quality of light. Those technologies include dedicated pixels for either Warm White Light, or both Warm White and Cool White light. This can help things look they way they should.

RGBIC may be good if you want light Animations

You may not want to focus on 12v being a requirement and just look at the lighting quality first. It shouldn't be to bad to add a up converter from 12 to 24 or 36 volts if needed.

Govee also makes their M1 lights which is 60 pixels per inch and would be much brigher for the lenght. I believe they are expandable up to 32ft per strip and are RGBICW. It is their top strip right now. Only downside is they are 24 volt so you would need a up converter.

There is a M1 strip that is Matter capable but it seems that is limited to a shorter length for some reason.

Here is a boost converter on Amazon to get you to the 24v for the strip if you needed it.

SUPERNIGHT DC 12V Step Up to 24V 5A 120W Power Booster DC Voltage Converter Waterproof for Golf Cart