Need to extend Zigbee range

I removed an Iris Contact Sensor from ST that was used to notify me when the mailbox door was opened. That same sensor isn't reporting changes to Hubitat, it paired ok and reported changes when the hub was at the front door. But I can't leave the hub close enough to the front door for it to continue to work. Will an Iris Zigbee Outlet act as a repeater if I plug it in outside?

It appears Hubitat has less Zigbee range than ST or could it be something else causing range issue?

Yes, that will work.

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I use the same device for my mailbox sensor; this is one of the few cases where I find that an Osram bulb (in an sheltered outdoor light fixture) is an adequate repeater. My hub is within 8' of the outdoor bulb's location; since the radios in those bulbs don't seem to be very strong I doubt it would work if it were much farther than that.

Thanks guys

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