Need to extend Zigbee out to garage-any recommendations?

I just got a ST arrival sensor, my first Zigbee device, and need to get the signal out to the garage.

Can anyone give me any recommendations as to what device to buy? My plan is to plug it into the middle garage door opener outlet, for coverage. Not sure it'd control anything, so maybe an extender, if there is such a thing?


Any supported plugin zigbee device should do. Here are some cost effective options:

Small, reliable:


Thanks. I ordered a couple of the Centralites. Maybe one for the breezeway and the other for the garage.

I like the centralite mini plugs. No power monitoring, but they are super small, which is awesome.

Maybe it'll start a Zigbee trend for me. I've converted all the wall switches to GE/Jasco, lol.

Just plugged a couple of them in; really increased range.

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