Need someone with network diagnostic experience

I have two Hubitat hubs on my network and I am trying to understand why they keep contacting my Plex server or vice versa. Below is a screenshot using Microsoft Network Monitor and whenever I start my Plex server both my hubs start communicating with it. I don't have enough knowledge to fully understand why it would do this. I don't have any drivers or apps installed that have anything to do with Plex.

Without knowing your network setup it maybe difficult to interpret a bunch of numbers without more details...

Is your HE Hub or your Plex Server?

What platform version are you running on the Hubitat hubs? is the hub and is Plex
Both hubs are on

In the screenshot I started the network monitor and let it run a little before starting the Plex server. As soon as I start Plex both hubs start connecting with it and I don't understand why it would do that seeing there is no reason to do so.

Edit: To clarify, both hubs are doing the same thing, reaching out to my Plex server. I only posted the data from one of the hubs.