Need some help with Sonos

I bought a pair of Symfonisk (Sonos) speakers. I have an ASUS AC3100 wifi router. These are my first Sonos devices. I connected the speakers to 120v and plugged the provided network cable into my router. I'm thinking at this point what I was supposed to do was install some Sonos app on my cell phone to register these speakers. I do not have a Sonos hub and don't plan on getting one. Anyway I found Mr. Maxwell's post about finding the IP address, converting it to hex and putting it in a virtual music player device. And man oh man, the thing started speaking with Hubitat's rule. I was happy to say the least. Now I want to unplug that network cable and move the speaker to a location away from my router. Again I suspect I need to get an app on my cell phone. At the Good App store there are many Sonos apps. Which one do I need for simple registering speakers. And what do I need to tell my Asus router to get wifi connection to the speaker(s)?

You do not need a 'Sonos Hub' (there is no such thing really). Just download one of these, and it will walk you thru the process. Seeing the icon should help you find the correct app on your device even if you do not download via the web links.




Thanks for the nudge - I have it up and working on wifi now - really sounds great and I'm super anxious to disconnect my Google minis.


More trouble. Speaker #2 seems to have finished install, but it does not show up in my list of devices. App said unplug and reconnect to power. That did nothing. It is registered in my router though. I tried making a virtual device and putting in the hex network ID of 0xC0A8... should I be using 0xC0A8... or just 0C0A8... ?

And should I look into factory resetting the speaker #2?

I did this a few times, just unplug the speaker then push and hold the play button while plugging back in, continuing to hold until the light blinking changes colors.\

Then redo the adding process via the sonos app

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Well I have reset it 4 times now and at the end of adding it still doesn't show up in my list of devices. It says it may not show up in your system tab. If so unplug and reconnect power to finish setup in system tab. Never happens. I've unplugged the speaker multiple times with no joy. I thought these things were supposed to be a piece of cake.

Even if you have Android make sure you are using the app with the icon that looks like the second icon in the reply from TechMedX (Sonos in a brown-ish square). That is the newer version. Also you might try checking the settings in the phone app, in "Network" and changing your SonosNet channel. This is a dedicated channel your speakers use to communicate with each other. If it is competing with your regular wifi or a congested channel, it might be an issue.

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Yep, that's the one I have. One thing that seems missing is when I installed the first speaker it wanted to DL an upgrade for the speaker (I'm pretty sure it was the speaker, but could have been the app). Anyway when installing the 2nd speaker no upgrade. I'll have to try calling tech support tomorrow, can't seem to get it going no matter how many times I factory reset the speaker.

Yes something doesn't sound right at all then. I got some of these recently and they all upgraded the speaker firmware, first thing.

Not only that - this POS lost my initial speaker overnight! I have that one connected again - had to bring it within 2 feet of the router and my cell phone.

Still get nowhere with the 2nd speaker. Factory reset, cable connected directly to the router, software finds it but ends with the screen saying this speaker may not appear in your system, but unplug it and reconnect the power and you can finish setup from the system menu - no such luck.

The 2nd speaker is listed in my router as a wifi connected device, should I try to manually remove that device? Could that be the problem?

If you are connected by ethernet cable, you should turn off the speaker's wifi in the sonos phone app- under settings, System, under Products choose the speaker, "Disable Wi-Fi". Also did you try changing the SonosNet Channel?