Need some help with RGBGENIE

I installed a ZW-1001 controller, and a ZW-3001 switch. I installed the drivers. the switch is set to a RGBGenie Touch Panel ZW. the controller is set to RGBGenie LED Controller ZW. The controller is working fine. it works with Hubitat and will respond to voice commands from Alexa. it dims ect. I am not able to get the switch and the light controller to link. I worked on it for 3 hours last night with no luck. I am sure I am missing something simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

:eyes: How are you trying to get them to control each other? .. Direct association or through the hub? ..

I did not understand how to set up the direct association method, so I was trying to do it through the hub. I am open to doing either.

Direct association will generally be faster..

All you need is the node ID of the ZW-1001 .. If you go to settings and z-wave details.. It's the left column named "Node" you are looking for the hexadecimal value starts with 0x all you need is the 2 characters after the 0x .. In the ZW-3001 device page on the settings you would put that in the zone 1 associations and click save..

Ok that is probably my problem. I was copying the entire string.

Mine didn't say Node, it just says inClusters. I copied the first 0x5E and put it in the Zone 1 association.

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That's a 3 zone touch panel... do you want to control anything else from it?

not at the moment. Not sure if I will at a later time, but I doubt I will.
Also what Do I select on my dashboard not for this switch? it gives me the switch name, the switch name with (zone1) buttons and the switch name with (zone1) lights. none seem to respond from dashboard.

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I have one of those in my bathroom and it controls 2 set of lights.. and zone 1 controls them all together (master control)

and when you add hub control you can even control zigbee lights from it..

That's not the node id.

Sounds light a nice switch, just wish I could get it to work. :slight_smile:

Ok where do I get the Node ID? I don't see it anywhere on the device page


So in this example it would be 0B


In my opinion the easiest way is to go to SETTINGS --> ZWAVE DETAILS

EDIT: Bryan beat me to it. :slight_smile: :+1:


THANKS! Mine says 0x11 (017) So I put 11 in for my number is this correct?



still not working from the dashboard. not sure if I manually press the switch. it is on a different floor.

Ok.. yea.. Direct association is for controlling from the touch panel ... The dashboard will have no effect on this .. You want to control the led controller itself from the dashboard

Ok so it should work now if i go press the switch? I will try and report back.

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Ok it does appear to be working now THANK YOU!! I do have one issue. and another question. First issue. everything seems to be working from the switch except the 25% button turns the lights to 100%. the other buttons do what they say.

my question is does this switch have an audible ding or chime that can be turned on? the touch panel I replaced had a chime when you turned it on or off or adjusted the lights. I find myself already missing that.

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