Need some help setting thermostat temp

Hey guys I have had Hubitat for a couple of months now on my new home. Coming from Smart Things. I love how customizable Hubitat is! I suppose it goes on hand with fine tuning a bit more.

I have a few issues I cannot seem to find answers to and I have been reading.

First I have two Zen Zigbee Thermostats. I bought these because they were affordable and I just wanted to try them. My main issue is controlling them. I don't want anything fancy other than being able to set temp from my phone.

I have the thermostat controller app and I assume the only way for me to control it is adding a thermostat tile to a dashboard?

I have done that, my main issue is I set the temp on the app and I have to do it about 10-15 times before it registers it. Say it's a t 77 and I set at 70 I have to keep setting it because it doesn't register it. Almost as if the tile is way too fast. I press the down temp and it will go to 70 then go to 75.5 then I have to keep repeating until it registers 70. Most of the time it takes so much effort that I just walk to both thermostats and set them manually. Is anyone else having this issue, or is there a different option to set temp through phone? If I set temp with Alexa it does pick it up first time mostly. I was wondering why thermostat does not show up on my devices, or if there is a way I can set an actual temp through the phone without pressing up and down arrows.

I am at the point of purchasing two nests thermostats and just using that app. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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